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Comments made by CD

Gluten: The Marketing Versus The Science

After 20 years of hospitalizations for severe symptoms ranging from severe intestinal pain, migraines, vomiting, diarrhea, painful body aches, weight loss, depression, etc. I was finally diagnosed as having Celiac disease in 2008.

Although I do not "eat" shampoo, I do prefer gluten free shampoo for one reason. It can get on your mouth/lips as you are showering and can inadvertently be digested which will cause a terrible gluten reaction in my intestines and all of the other terrible effects that go along with it. Most people with Celiac disease understand this and do avoid shampoos that contain gluten for this reason. I would think that Roxie Johnson would understand that by now.

Also, it is very important for turkey's that are gluten free to be labeled as such because many turkey's are injected with wheat (gluten). On my first Thanksgiving I ate a turkey that was not gluten free and became very ill for several days, including a trip to the ER.

JeanMarc...Celiac disease is a very real autoimmune disease, not hypochondria.

Having said all of this, I have seen many products such as almonds which are clearly gluten free labeled as gluten free and to me that is ridiculous.

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