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Comments made by CHUPACABRA

Operation Homefront California Fills In Gaps For Military Families

How's the Federally accredited veterans' services as Walter Reed or VA hospitals having their resources alloted to PTSD and other mental issue or return back to their normal, finding a new job so on? Is this just a logistics issue- where to establish the prime focus aiding those military returnees, as there're so many areas to be taken care of, bureaucratic hurdle or manifest budget shortage?

April 26, 2013 at 8:08 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego's Innocence Project To Embark On 600-Mile Journey

wrongfully convicted and thrown into jail hmm.. And Now for their plea bargain to be overturned they must prove their innocence with what available means? I feep pity on the rest of inmates who aren't even eligible to file their case due to absence of new witnesses or what else.. Certainly that dramatic numbers of currently incarcerated can claim persuasively they've been wrongfully convicted, since most of them should be lying to themselves if they do so, and even some cases out of their conscience of innocence has scanty possibility their guilty sentence will be revoked. But good luck for this non prof. organization's cause to give it a fair try for those inmates, liking a charitable marathon for the cause of breast cancer, or those in gloomy circumstances.

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Privacy Rights vs. Employee Tracking

Personal SNS account or your blog site can be much referrential to some employers to know more about that prospective employee, and get to know things that aren't normally taked about between them in other work settings, as mentioned it can function also as an indicator what that employee might be up to during break times or in working periods they are supposed to be doing the job. However, o nthe other side of the coin, this also means employees are well aware of what will be shown to the boss, and make each of those employees more sensitive, and weary of taking care of their privacy accounts on these sites; some possible concern might be, fabricating the information or personal qualities shown for othres like employers get to read. Imagine I have to worry about what sites I'd be more cautious to tag on my blog, download pictures or link that won't produce more favorable impression to the employer, and it just horrible to imagine I have to worry about these things! There ins't always a positive side on this apporach I believe and honestly I think it wasn't such a smart idea for them to demand employees.

April 26, 2013 at 7:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Is Compass Card City’s Bus Ticket To 21st Century?

Are you lagging behind S.Korea on that auto pass system? I can freely recharge mine for bus, subway service at any locations available plus withdraw some money at any convenient stores for that pre paid compass card. I can buy things, and food at most stores with that card and just tap it on that pad inside bus or subway gates. This ins't a sophisticated mathmatics to install this system for peoples' convenience, but understandably most Americans prefer driving or riding a bike?

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