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Comments made by CalBoomer

Harry Reid Backs Calif. High-Speed Rail Project

First, let's exam what High Speed Rail (HSR) Means and
How Much Does It Cost ! If you are leaving Oceanside to go to Sand Diego is a 35 mile trip. During peak hours on the freeway it can take 45 to 60 minutes for that drive. How much time is saved on a HSR ? Are you going to stop in Carlsbad ? Encinitas ? Solana ? Del Mar ? La Jolla ? Pacific Beach ? Approximately 6 stops over 35 miles. that means the train must reach a speed at a rapid rate quickly but not measured in "G-Force" and stop in a safe manor as well ! Time must be allotted for boarding and disembarking. How fast can you load the number of passengers proposed to use this service (20,000 is what I have read. Seriously, "No Pushing !" ) That 35 miles is going to take 45 to 55 minutes. I don't see how this benefits anyone since you have to add your commute time to a "station". COSTS - Building a HSR is astronomically higher than building roads. Billions of dollars would need to be invested just to complete all the EIRs and ROWs and will take decades to complete. And where is this HSR constructed ? Along with Amtrak ? Try selling that to Encinitas ! How about through the La Jolla corridor ? Amtrak again ? Where will our freight come from ? Perhaps someone will be able to come up with an elevated rail off the coast ? Perhaps in a tunnel under ??? Let's not forget the earth shakes here more than NYC or Boston, So is there going to be a high speed rail built on (or under) sand over numerous earthquake faults ? How about the routes ? San Diego to LA sounds good but to Sacramento ? Most of that traffic is for our legislature. I would guess a lot of energy, money and time would see a lot of empty cars on that SoCal trip to the capitol ! I want to be there when the HSR lays track across the greens at Pebble Beach.
Bottom line is there is no money for this -
There is a very high cost if it is ever started.
It is a "huge bet" that this rail will ever be able to pay for itself.
It is a good bet it will fail before it is completed - Think State Bankruptcy !
It will not move people any more effectively.
In a "perfect world", it still doesn't make sense !
So senator Reid thinks we need to spend Billions on high speed rail -
Thanks Harry - BTW, did I vote for you ?
Harry, I tell you what - why don't you start this in Nevada.
Build a HSR from Las Vegas to Carson City and Reno and then take them to San Francisco and LA. Just think of the commute time for your gamblers to get to those somewhat idle gaming tables ! You First Harry !

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Costs And Benefits Of Sunrise Powerlink Vary By Community

Andy Horne never heard of SDG&E starting fires ? Apparently he never heard the local TV, radio or newspaper coverage of SDG&E's admission that

they caused 160 fires in San Diego from 1998 to 2008 !

160 FIRES !

(Laura MacDonald) "It has been studied . . . for 5 years".

SDG&E had this idea long before the 2005.
They put a 10 foot diameter pipe through to Mexico in the early 1992 to fire their plant in Calexico explicitly to go around environmental regulations for the United States as well as in California.

No one talked about how this transmission line was never for San Diego in the first place. They- SDG&E - wanted this line to go through Borrego Springs to bring additional power to Riverside County. Oh yes, San Diego ratepayers would pay for it but it was always going into the Riverside grid ! !

Lastly, I have to bring up the cost of this project. Not just the cost of steel towers and cable, but what it costs to transmit electricity over this line. For every watt that lights a lamp in San Diego it will cost 4 watts (possibly more) to "get here" I am talking about what is called "Line Loss". Line loss is the electricity that never gets to your house due resistance in the cable as well as in heat. (Google it)

Line loss also impacts wind and solar from Imperial County as well. If San Diego wants better electricity coverage we - the San Diego populace, should be putting solar panels on our roofs first. Every house, apartment building and business should have panels on our roofs as there really is no loss when it is on your roof ! Then, if there is a need for more power to Riverside, they can put panels on their roofs or buy it from SDG&E and Mexico !

By the way, did I mention SDG&E ADMITTED to STARTING 1600 FIRES over the last 10 years. Am I wrong when I inquire where is the District Attorney of San Diego ? To my knowledge arson is a felony ! What I am reading is that anyone who "recklessly" starts a fire (including forest land) is guilty of a felony. (Penal Code 450 to 457)

When is someone going to hold SDG&E to task ?
Do they - SDG&E - have a license to slash and burn ?

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How Has Downtown San Diego Changed Over The Past 30 years?

There are empty buildings on Broadway right now - today !
They have been empty for decades.

Your comment about schools -
Orr - "Well there's San Diego High School. . . Built before World War II.
Orr -"I believe there are some charter schools."
Really ? You "believe" there are charter schools ?
Well, it seems you really did your home work.
If you "believe" it, it must be true.

Pete Wilson: "You could have fired a cannon down Broadway at five minutes past five and the old joke was you wouldn’t have hit anybody who wasn’t staggering."

And Pete, that is changed ? How ?
What if you "fired a cannon" down Broadway tonight ?
If it gets by 4th, it won't hit anything or anyone.
What if you fired it down 4th ?
Oh, yeah those people are staggering !
So you moved the drunks from one street to another.
A lot of people would never have thought of that as a solution.
I guess that is why Pete got the "big bucks" !

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Developing Downtown San Diego

The last 3 callers today all had it right ! - All of the money that is "collected" for CCDC is there for the benefit of the few businesses that are doing well there. None of it has gone over the last 4 DECADES to help the people who live there. The money is spent for the friends and developers who help fund Mayors and council members. My sister lives downtown - the corner of 17th and Island. She has a swell view of Neil Good Day Center. Both her apartment building and the center have been there before decades. So have all the homeless ! You can also look east and see what has "happened" off Commercial or the other streets paralleling and intersecting the SR-94. Even the dust has been there longer than CCDC.

Now, you can guess what my response is to "raising the cap" on CCDC.
All this "Corporation" is for is funneling money to rich developers.
This idea of Pete "I love developers" Wilson goes back to 1972 !
Besides the upscale bars that replaced the old bars frequented by sailors and marines, what has been done with $3 billion dollars ? How many low income family and SROs (single room occupancy) have been bulldozed and how many did CCDC replace ? The answer is a negative number.
To my knowledge they have not produced any low-income housing.
So what will CCDC do with another $6 Billion dollars !
Has anyone been been past 8th and Broadway lately ?
Has anyone been to our Not-so state-of-the-art library ?
(it's on 8th and Market in case you didn't know)
Do you (editors) or you (readers) know anyone moving to ":downtown" ?
Would you move there ? Anytime soon ?
What will CCDC do with $6 billion dollars more cash ?
More bars ? Bet the existing bars won't like that !
How about another stadium ? Maybe a football stadium !
HMMM ! How great would that be !
Providing the Spanos family even more money to spend - In LA and Europe !
Just think, 10 to 12 Charger games per year ! Right in downtown.
Over 20 years, that is only $50 million a year !
Oh Yeah there would be those pesky interest payments -
So that would raise the amount to over $100 million a year -
But wouldn't it be worth it ?
I mean for 10 Charger games ?
A $100 million per year for the stadium,
plus the cost of players salaries and don't forget a healthy profit for Spanos',
It should only cost the city less than $200 Million a year. . . Tops !
HEY ! It's the Chargers !
Surely it makes sense to keep the Chargers no matter what the cost -
Right ?
Those Charger guys are great.
I have no doubt that any one of them would "take a bullet" for a fan.

Oh Heck. Give them what ever they want !
They are going to get whatever they want anyhow so why argue about it.
We can afford it (my check is in the mail)

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Homeless Shelter Shuttered And Down Comes The Rain

Do you think your caller "Mel" had any idea of what it takes to get people on and off ships ? Did he give any thought as to how much money it would cost to staff and re-fit Navy ships to qualify for housing for homeless ? What would be the plan to evacuate these people in the event of a ship sinking ? Would the homeless have to attend drills, as Navy personnel do ? No open toed shoes/sandals ! All gear/possessions must be stowed in their sea bag. One sea bag per person. Or was he thinking the ship could take our homeless to a foreign shore and drop them off ?
Thanks "Mel" - what a great idea !
I can't wait to hear about some more of your ideas !

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California Parole System Under Fire

I want to say this - AGAIN ! With regard to keeping people in prison for what ever reasons we have proposition after proposition but there is NEVER a way to fund these things. It costs money to keep people in prison. It costs money to monitor them on parole. Some people think these prisons are providing Hi-Def TV and cable but that is not the case. To say these prisons are over-crowded is an understatement. They are a mess and in worse condition today than 15 years ago.

Gloria ! You mention the "Powerful Prison Guard Union". They are not the problem our prisons are overcrowded ! They make sure these people stay in prison and advocate for the safety of their membership - And NO - I am not a guard.

The problem is no one wants to pay money for prisons ! - If you don't want a smaller population or spend less money on incarceration...
Get people a better education before they offend. Yes, Again that costs money - tax money and no one wants to pay what they pay now much less pay more to make this issue better.

Nothing is going to eliminate crime ! Criminals need to be arrested, given a fair trial and, if found guilty, placed in prison for a specific amount of time. It takes tax money. Just like our streets need tax money to be maintained, just like our schools need to be upgraded and staffed with the best people and on and on . . . When is San Diego going to pass a tax increase ? Are you aware that 68% of all state offenders come from Southern California ? Pay Up Folks !

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How Long Will It Take To Bring High Speed Rail to California?

HIGH SPEED RAIL - This is an oxymoron ! The rail purposed for California is based on an idea that was new in 1840. That year the U.S. had over 3,000 miles of track. So, how is this plan different ? It goes faster than steam ? Is that it ? It is an out of date idea that needs to be scraped before any more money is spent on this. "But it will be funded by bonds !" someone carps. Who buys bonds ? People who want to be paid back buy bonds. And how does that happen ? If this plan does not pay for it's own construction, maintenance and operating costs, who pays the bond ? When does this bond mature ? The guests on These Days said the first leg will be done in 2030. So when can I expect to see a dime on my bond ? 2040 ? 2050 ? Should I buy a bond and give it to my not yet born great-great-grandchild ? Technology is moving faster every year and rail is not part of that equation. 10 years ago I had a JVC Camcorder and a PC with a single Pentium II processor. I had a modem that plugged into the phone. Today I have a JVC Camcorder that has a 64GB hard-drive, takes SD cards too and records in full 1080P HD with Dolby sound ! My laptop is a dual-core 2.2GHz, 4 GB ram and a 500 GB hard drive ! I access the internet with WI-FI high-speed access that will seem like molasses in 5 years ! By 2020 I will be calling my relatives in New York, my friends in Germany, a business contact in Tokyo by what we call "video conferencing" or Skype now. I will be able to watch an opera live from Sidney seamlessly. If I want to see my relatives in New York to give them a hug, I will get on a plane. Meanwhile California will still be building the first leg of their "new world". How about going "totally Green" - I want to go to SF and LA by high-speed sail boat !
Yes I did hear one of your speakers said this train would go from Downtown to Downtown. Hey there is a good idea ! Let's see right now - You can exit a train (Coaster) in Downtown San Diego and get an alcoholic drink - Lot's of good bars there. The other thing you see in Downtown - Lots of Lawyers, Homeless people and Empty Hotels built on speculation of occupancy ! Isn't that what we all want to see ? (FYI Skype shows up as misspelled on this site - please update your database)

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Bringing Health Care Debate To San Diego

I was somewhat shocked at the listener who - not quoting - Let those without health care die. I was shocked but then remembered what the sitting Lt. Governor of South Carolina said about not feeding "those people" who can't afford food. It is an old idea - one born in slavery that goes back throughout time. To find it spoke out loud in 2010 should give every decent person pause. That said to address health care, I have watched Obama continually absent as a leader on this issue. His speeches are good and always with "background people". I have watched Kennedy through Bush II really move this nation. Obama - Not so much. Then there is the "Party of No". Is the GOP really For the people or For the Corporation ? I think a sane person can easily assume that the GOP is solid in the pocket of insurance companies and their support from "Tea Baggers" should be withdrawn as they are highly likely to need a single payer. Last, but not least, I have to mention Joe Lieberman. He was treated rudely by the Connecticut Dems in the 2006 election and he is prepared to make the Democratic national party pay for this slight. Left out is he is making the entire uninsured and under
insured pay even more. At some point - 2012 - he will be retired in shame.

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

I am deeply saddened at thee events of these past 2 weeks. Beautiful person is lost to another predator. It continues . . . Remembering the grief of parents on TV from Florida to California to . . . How do we stop these things from happening. Well, there was that plea bargain . . . Really ? He attacked a 13 year old and not only molested her he beat her ! But that is how the justice system works here and everywhere.
California came up with "3 Strikes" after Polly Klass but where was the funding to prosecute and house these people.
There was none.
We hang on to our "Prop 13" and our "super-majority" to raise any tax but wonder why these people get to live among us.
Justice costs $$$$$ Ladies and Gentlemen !

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Election Deadline Looms - Few Candidates

I'm sorry to hear that Donna and Lori are not running. We need them in a "seat" to effect change. If you want to get Cox or Horn's ear, you need to be sitting next to them - not in front of them.

As for Bill Horn, I lived in Valley Center for 12 years and I never met anyone who supported him. His "investment" in "Horn'sville" as well as the new development at Deer Creek might make him a private citizen again.

Again, I am disappointed, as always, at the Democrats not running anyone to challenge the Republicans and when they do the candidates are so weak, I don't feel sorry for them.

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