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Comments made by CamiliaSadik

Refugees Families Build New Lives In San Diego

I am a Chaldean-American Linguist and very involved with the Iraqi refugees in El Cajon. Please contact me whenever you need me or need other Iraqis to represent Iraqis on your show. I read the above article and did not appreciate the fact Iraqi refugees were represented by a Palestinian person from a Palestinian organization—I say that with all the respect to Mr. Barghouti. I also wonder why Mr. Andy Trimlett interviewed a Palestinian family that used to live in Iraq, instead of interviewing a Chaldean family? Chaldeans are the majority of the refugees in El Cajon and they are not only 10,000 as Mr. Barghouti mistakenly described. In fact, 10,000 Chaldean refugees settle in San Diego every few months.

My name is Camilia Sadik and you may e-mail me at
Or you may call our office in El Cajon 619-446-6959

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