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Comments made by CandleGuru

Fire Safety Officials Urge Caution When Using Candles

I work with a group that tests candles. Our objective is to ID the best design but in the process of testing we routinely find candles that fail (16% so far!). What surprises us is that these are candles sold at the major big box retailers. It is becoming much easier for us to understand why there are house fires caused by candles as we add more and more failures to our list. When they fail, they fail in minutes. These time lapse videos will give you an idea of how dangerous they can be - & .

Marty Ahrens of the National Fire Protection Association published a great report on Home Candle Fires in June of this year. You might find the statistics interesting. For example, a candle causes a house fire every 30 minutes in the US! Order report #PKG34 @ if you are interested in the details.

Most of the candle fires occur when candles are left unattended or the owner falls asleep. It is interesting to note that the industry does not test candles in this way. Perhaps it should not be a surprise to anyone that these failures dominate the statistics. If you don't test for it, you're not going to find it.

You can see pictures of the failed candles we tested at
Thanks for a good article. Let’s hope for a wide readership.

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