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Comments made by CanyonBluffsBill

Creating Bike Safety In A City Built For Cars

Thanks for another good article on cycling in San Diego. I like the petevannuys comment regarding "retro fit your neighborhood." I haven't actually ridden on them myself, but I read and hear great things about the "bike boulevard" concept that has been put into effect in Berkeley. I wonder if that concept could be applied to certain neighborhoods in San Diego.

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Counting Bike Trips Could Get More People To Pedal

I hope the research directs planners to a wise placement and purchase of cycling infrastructure. Fudge wrote: "About two percent of San Diego's Transnet tax is dedicated to walking and biking infrastructure. About $2.5 billion of SANDAG's 40-year transportation plan goes to what they call active transportation. Keep in mind that's a small portion of a plan that totals $200 billion." Later in the article he reports "...the U.S. Census has found that less than 1 percent of San Diego county commuters use [cycling] as their mode of transportation." Yes, $2.5 billion may seem like a small amount, but in the context of how many local commuters actually ride their bikes, it seems proportional to me.
I commute by bicycle most days, so I'm all for making streets as safe as possible. I'm not convinced though, that spending exorbitant amounts of money on infrastructure will automatically translate into more cyclists. Dedicated cycle tracks along heavily traveled corridors makes economic sense if a lot of cyclists are already traveling along those corridors.

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San Diego Is Miles Behind On Taxi Safety Standards

This article has a misleading headline. Given the alamist tone of the headline, I expected to see some facts regarding the safety record of SD taxis compared to taxis in other cities. Yet, the writer states: "No one who spoke with Speak City Heights could back claims that an accident was caused by a vehicle's age or a previous wreck. But our data shows the salvages were 7 percent more likely than non-salvages to have two or more crashes on their records." Assuming taxi drivers are qualified, a car that has been in multiple crashes isn't necessarily less safe than any other car.

The headline implies that because San Diego does not have the same degree of regulation as other cities regarding the age of cars in its taxi fleet, riding in a taxi in San Diego is taking an unacceptable risk. And yet, the article pointed out that some cab companies are voluntarily going the "extra mile" to maintain their vehicles. The article provides value in this regard: I now know the name of a cab company I am more likely to call based on what I learned about its attitude toward maintenance.

Many of us want a diverse array of transportation choices. However, advocating for unnecessarily stringent regulations will ultimately limit choice.

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