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Electricity Ratepayers Could See Millions In Refunds For San Onofre

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What a loss to all ratepayers in San Diego, that UCAN internal problems has left everyone with a voice against SDG&E and SCE for the billions all ratepayers are now owed thanks to SCE's replacement steam generator debacle, and to add to that SoCal ratepayers are STILL paying way over $50 Million per month for San Onofre even though it is not generating any energy!

What is the CPUC doing, they are dividing up everything into tiny pieces which they will then decide what to do, in each bit of the investigation!

**I cry FOUL at the 20% finding by the CPUC** because it lets SCE (and SDG&E) off the hook for almost all of their design debacle, which not only resulted in the $740 Million replacement steam generator LOSS but all the new equipment that went along with it like new turbines (a total of which is well over a BILLION dollars).


Then there is the additional costs that are going to be DUE for the early closure of San Onofre which is going to leave at least a BILLION dollars due for the decommissioning fund that were never collected because San Onofre was shutdown early.

The CPUC should immediately make SCE and SDG&E start issuing refunds because it is irresponsible to allow the Utility to keep collecting money for San Onofre when its destruction was due to the Utility itself.

Also as a penalty, the CPUC should make SCE and SDG&E fund large additional solar incentives so that everyone in SoCal that wants to, can install their own solar rooftop panels to replace San Onofre's energy capacity!

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Deconstructing The Future For San Onofre

Update: The CPUC meeting was well attended by the public and the common theme was:

You Broke it, You Pay for it...

SCE and SDG&E need to pay for ALL expenses relating to the early shut down and decommissioning because they caused it to happen...

Now if the CPUC agrees with all the SoCal ratepayers, is yet another question because many Billions are at stake and the Utilities are very powerful politically, so many feel that the FIX is already in, with the CPUC!

NOTE: Most MSM in San Diego aired very little if anything about the CPUC meeting and the effects on SoCal ratepayers bills because of the San Onofre debacle; I wonder why?

How many other 10 Billion Dollars stories are in the news now!

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Deconstructing The Future For San Onofre


When ratepayers learn that their future nuclear decommissioning cleanup can take 6+ DECADES after their plant closes and that it will cost them additional mega billions (and that is if everything goes OK), does anyone seriously think that Solar (of all flavors) is not going to be far less expensive 20 to 60 years in the future?

I predict that all energy generated by nuclear reactors will become so expensive in the future, that they will tend to bankrupt their ratepayers and cause business flight to other geographical areas that have access to far lower cost Solar (of all flavors) energy!

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Deconstructing The Future For San Onofre

This is just too FUNNY, first SCE promises that their new in-house designed replacement steam generators will save ratepayers over a Billion dollars and then when they fail, almost as soon as they were installed, SCE now thinks we the ratepayers should foot the bill!.

**HA HA HA**

Get ready SCE, because now the ratepayers are going to demand that the CPUC not only make you and your Shareholders cough up the money but also pay for all the additional expenses that are going to be incurred because of your debacle!

Some estimate that bill to be about $13 Billion, so the next CPUC meeting being held in San Diego (imagine that) to discuss rebates will be very interesting.

Notice that SDG&E, a part owner of San Onofre is laying low after informing their ratepayers that everyone’s bills will be going up, I wonder why, could it be to reimburse the Utility for the damages they will be force to pay for their part of the San Onofre debacle?

Ratepayers are being suckered by the Utilities and the CPUC that is supposed to regulate them for the public good, instead the Utilities have earned record profits while we the ratepayers are paying the highest rates in the USA thanks to the CPUC and remember,we have enough of sunshine to become an solar energy exporter to the states that need it, which would also jump start our economy with many new GREEN jobs.

The Final Solution?

We the ratepayers need to urge the Governor to re-populate the CPUC with impartial commissioners that will demand that the Utilities start treating us fairly, instead of like the Utilities energy slaves!

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Deconstructing The Future For San Onofre

The NRC said today that they will have another meeting to discuss "high burnup" fuel (which has been used at San Onofre) and the problems it causes:

Much longer periods to "cool down"

Different castes required

Incomplete testing on length of time that the caste will survive!

Expect to hear much more about this issue since it directly affect the cost to decommission San Onofre and who will pay the "extra" amount ratepayers or SCE?

Come to the Oct. 1, 2013 meeting and tell the CPUC what you think!

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Should Edison Be Allowed To Profit On San Onofre's Faulty Steam Generators?

I'd like KPBS to disclose how much money they have accepted from SDG&E, SCE and/or energy lobbyists because it directly affects their willingness to publicize this story!

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Should Edison Be Allowed To Profit On San Onofre's Faulty Steam Generators?

Still to be determined is where San Onofre's vast amount of Nuclear waste will be kept once it is relocated! Until that happens all of SoCal is at risk just like Fukushima!

Remember Yucca Mountain is yet another money pit that the nuclear industry will demand that America pour billions into in order to try and justify using it as their place to dump nuclear waste, despite the blue ribbon panel's prior recommendations that it was unsuitable to use.

It is also interesting to note that the current Chairman of the NRC, Dr. Allison Macfarlane who is not only a world class geologist but was also a member of that same blue ribbon panel!

So now the high courts are telling the scientists what to do! Deciding an election is one thing but dictating what is good science from the bench is quite another and in my opinion (pun intended) quite scary!

This is yet another reason that everyone in the USA should be very concerned about how our Government is placing the wants of the nuclear industry (profit) ahead of nuclear safety, even if it goes against GOOD science.

The nuclear industry in Japan did the very same thing at Fukushima and now they have a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster that is still un-contained two and a half years later!

The real question is:

Should America risk losing the Colorado river as a source of fresh water because of any type of radioactive accident (which could be caused by man or Nature) at Yucca Mountain, which would affect the entire southwest of the US forever?

I'd suggest that these same billions of dollars would be far better spent installing a massive amount of Solar (of all flavors) which would then generate clean solar energy for the next 20 to 40 years at no risk to US or our drinking water!

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Should Edison Be Allowed To Profit On San Onofre's Faulty Steam Generators?

FACT: A once in a hundred year or even a thousand year event is just as likely to happen tomorrow as many years in the future; then what?

This is where the NRC and the nuclear Industry fails the public trust because they live in Nuclear Denial* because they believe nothing BAD will happen to any Nuclear Power Plants (NPP's).

French Nuclear Disaster Scenario Was So Bad The Government Kept It Secret via @bi_contributors


Catastrophic nuclear accidents, like Chernobyl in 1986 or Fukushima No. 1 in 2011, are, we’re incessantly told, very rare, and their probability of occurring infinitesimal.

But when they do occur, they get costly. So costly that the French government, when it came up with cost estimates for an accident in France, kept them secret.

But now the report was leaked to the French magazine, Le Journal de Dimanche. Turns out, the upper end of the cost spectrum of an accident at the nuclear power plant at Dampierre, in the Department of Loiret in north-central France, amounted to over three times the country’s GDP.


The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

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Should Edison Be Allowed To Profit On San Onofre's Faulty Steam Generators?

Great article:
Flare-up: How the Sun Could Put an End to Nuclear Power
Solar energy may soon eclipse nuclear power – only not in the way we hoped. According to NASA, the planet will soon face an outbreak of powerful solar flares capable of collapsing global power grids. Were this to happen, the world’s nuclear reactors could be left to run wild, overheat, melt, and explode.
The sun’s magnetic cycle peaks every 22 years while sunspot activity crests every 11 years. Both events are set to peak in 2013. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) trigger geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs) – tides of high-energy particles that can disrupt power lines. Since the 1970s, the array of high-voltage transmission lines spanning the US has grown tenfold. NASA warns these interconnected networks can be energized by a solar flare, causing “an avalanche of blackouts carried across continents [that] … could last for weeks to months.” A National Academy of Sciences report estimates a “century-class” solar storm could cause 20 times the damage as Hurricane Katrina while “full recovery could take four to ten years.”

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Should Edison Be Allowed To Profit On San Onofre's Faulty Steam Generators?

I hope to see every ratepayer in SoCal at the CPUC Oct. 1, 2013 San Diego meeting.

If you can't make it be sure to ask for your rebate:

By phone: 866-849-8390

or by email:

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