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Comments made by CarlosDangler

Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

I have no issues with Filner the person. I have issues with his behavior/hubris, his lack of integrity and his dishonesty after getting caught with the headlights on him.

I have a much bigger issue with what i perceive as a misinformation campaign to paint the recent ugly chapter as a witch hunt and conspiracy theory. I don't buy it. Sure those who find themselves ideologically opposed were happy to see what unfolded, but Bob Filner made his bed.

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Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

DeLaRick--- I understand you don't want to look at the Filner scandal from Aristotle's perspective. as he is so B.C ancient., perhaps Emmanuel Kant's perspective on morality, (A.D) a much more current moral philosopher.... will shed some light on the Filner Fiasco and provide a framework to gauge why Filner's behaviors were clearly unacceptable:........ Filner's actions defy what's right based on teachings of philosophers throughout the ages......

Listen to this and think 'Filner actions while in office':

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Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

I Agree

But even allegory usually has a moral framework backing the revelation of some hidden meaning,

It's not as simple of opting whether to read an Aristotle tome from 300 B.C.or a 2005 short story. Albeit Aristotle is dated. The point is Aristotle teachings provide a framework for common sense which seems conspicuous in its absence on this blog by the mob mentality of backers still defending our recent Mayor warts and all. And i'm sure there is an humorous allegorical 'Aristotle for Dummies' version out there that'll make an ethics lesson palatable for those who find it boring.

And your right DelaRick. 'The Brief and Terrifying Reign of Phil ' very applicable. As long as we agree ... 'Phil' = 'Filner'

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Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

Aristotle is for classrooms yes and it it there that his works provide students a moral framework, a compass on how to live a happy life and introduction to Ethics. Aristotle is for Classrooms yes. Ethics if for the real world. For politicians and for Citizens. The glue that holds a democratic society together.

'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds' good book for economic bubbles. The chapter on 'Follies of Great Cities' is relevant to the Filner Fiasco. Group-think and the madness of crowds is likely the reason why the citizenry failed in their choice for a mayor and precisely how Filner got elected. Folly for sure. I hope voters will have learned their lesson and be armed with the information that character is an important trait for elected officials.

Now Filner, while in exile, perhaps would benefit from reading 'The March of Folly' by Barbara W. Tuchman.

She then identifies four factors, often working in combination that lead to demise....

-Tyranny or oppression
-Excessive ambition
-Incompetence or decadence
-Folly or perversity

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Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

And Philosopher3000

I've recommended you do this before. I'll try again.

Go read a philosophy book. Start with 'The Basic Works of Aristotle' or 'The Ethics of Aristotle'.

From there you can move on to 'Aristotle: A Treatise one Government'.

You need a foundation/framework and that's not something one picks up from watching the Jerry Springer show or from reality television.

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Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

You Filner apologists need to get a new purpose. Pick a new morally bankrupt politician to defend. It is apparent you've all sold your souls at some point to Filner and feel obliged but dig down deep to a simpler happier time in your childhood and snap back to reality from your disillusioned state and realize he's already been forcibly sent back down the river Styx into asylum where he belongs where he has the option to wallow or reform.

Anthony Weiner can use a friend or two willing to start a misinformation campaign in his defense. Why don't you try something new and different and go post your bathroom wall scrawl in the NY Post blogs?

I'll leave you with this wonderful quote for those among you with a scintilla of thoughtfulness left in your cabezas:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

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Local Democrats Endorse David Alvarez For San Diego Mayor

Now lets look at real world examples of what happens when bad labor leaders get their way in an election. Elected Representatives who were elected by the unions and back unions as payback while in office often negotiate deals using private email accounts for public business in order to evade the state’s public records access laws and keep the press and the public uninformed. Many examples exist in San Diego where secret and devious arrangements take place intended to circumvent a city ordinance approved by voters. Often they will abuse the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to attain economic objectives unrelated to environmental protection. They subvert fair and open bid competition by requiring construction contractors to sign a contract with unions as a condition of work. They get Union favoritism. They'll appoint someone with obvious union connections to a government board in exchange for union support of a project. They use Government intervention in the relationship between a private employer and union officials who are eager to represent their employees (for a price) in exchange for union support of a project. They will cause cost increases on a government projects resulting from reduced bid competition and increase administrative costs of an arguably unnecessary labor contract. They will abandon environmental objections which may have been identified by the California Coastal Commission to be legitimate concerns.

They in doing these types of activities arguably perpetuate civic decline by surrendering to organizations that exploit California’s burdensome legal code for personal gain.

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Local Democrats Endorse David Alvarez For San Diego Mayor

The unions the unions the unions. I agree with you that we do need balance. Let's pull that thread Peking. The 'Thuggish' unions too require scrutiny just as you suggest do the 'Thuggish' Republicans. I'd go further and suggest that BOTH ends of the political spectrum Democrats and Republicans require scrutiny. I'm not one to back either extreme end of the political spectrum in an argument but when i see comments that appear to me to be extreme, i see the need to balance the argument.

The Republicans were lobbed a softball by the Unions during the Filner fiasco... they were given fodder based on how the Unions were conspicuous in their silence and apathetic to the plight of the harassed women during the Filner Scandal. Many were outraged and completely offended by the Labor Unions in particular.. silence and overt support for Filner even up until his ouster and during Filner's pathetic departure speech. They emerged from the scandal and were seen as led by morally bankrupt self-interested individuals who would sell the souls of their collective group for special interest.

Not all the Unions are bad... I agree with that comment. Labor Union leaders are bad. "Tom Lemmon and Richard Barrera. Tom, head of the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council, said labor stands by Filner." And Richard Barrera, who is head of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council remained completely silent.

Pathetic folks. SO pathetic that i will vote for an alternate candidate to anyone they endorse. There endorsement should be considered cryptonite to a mayoral candidate.

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Filner Saga Exposes Hurdles In Reporting And Dealing With Sexual Harassment

DonWood - Your back at using the blogs defending Filner?

Regarding your comment above, you are comparing some non-elected citizen in the midst of the divorce to an ELECTED City Official of the highest city office who admittedly harassed and clearly abused scores of women within his own political party? That is a ridiculous comparison and again you are wasting your time. Don Wood. Elected officials should be held to a higher standard. Defending a cad devoid of virtue is a futile endeavor. May I suggest that you spend your time and energies in more noble pursuits like helping out at a homeless shelter or adopting a pet from a shelter or taking an ethics course.

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Recall Filner Campaign Announces Final Tally Of Signatures, Funds

A more apt definition of circlejerk would be Weiner, Spitzer and Filner together in a private room stroking each others egos.

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