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Comments made by CarrotCakeMan

Putting ‘Canvass’ Claims To The Test

I agree wholeheartedly that I look forward to the court case, Mr. Fudge, when the attorneys for the pro-gay group that Target is attacking get to ask questions of Target executives. It's then we'll see the actual facts of the matter, and not Target's necessarily self-serving press releases and claims from public affairs employees far from their stores.

Your suggestion the truth is somewhere in the middle is responsible journalism, but at a discussion here:

You will find nearly 1,000 comments, way too many of which are my own. If you will read them, you will see a consistent pattern of those who are unbiased report their experiences with the pro-gay group were benign, whereas the only ones reporting any kind of unpleasantry also revealed a strong anti-gay bias.

Someone in that discussion suggested both sides were "angry and upset," but the evidence in regard to that made it clear anti-gays were most of the "angry and upset" ones. In this case, I believe the postings suggest the truth of the pro-gay group's behavior is MUCH closer to what they say about themselves.

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Putting ‘Canvass’ Claims To The Test

But it isn't that simple, doc, Target does allow other groups to solicit. Perhaps that is when their executives approve of the group's message, we can't be sure of who gets permission, but we know for a fact Target has donated to anti-gay candidates for office and anti-gay organizations, so we can reasonably assume Target executives have contempt for a pro-gay viewpoint.

And I get your point about "satanic goat killers."

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