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Comments made by CatBurke

Supporters Of Prop 34 Say Death Penalty Is Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

I raised Saskia to believe – ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Let that person be Saskia! Start, by voting
NO on Proposition 34 !

In this election year what becomes MOST important is fixing our broken Justice System to actually uphold the VERDICT. Life in Prison WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE should always and forever remain just that. And the Death Penalty should be conducted as swiftly as the

For you see, I am left to live a life now, which is truly TOO INHUMANE to be forced to live. And I hope you can all open your eyes, to see what it is to be a VICTIM, and extend to VICTIMS such as us, the same understanding, compassion, and HUMANITY that is all too often offered more to the MURDERERS!

Vote NO on Proposition 34 - If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your children...
My 14 year old daughter, Kessa, is waiting... To stand behind the glass, and watch as they execute William Gary Simpson. She can't feel SAFE, until he is DEAD. She speaks of this, every single day! Because she has nightmares of what Simpson did, every single night. It is her way of dealing with the trauma of witnessing Simpson murder her sister! It is this hope to see him die, that keeps her going forward, for now...
And for ME? I saw everything that demon, William Gary Simpson, did on December 20, 2011… I now know it is true – that MONSTERS DO EXIST!
And I am living proof, THAT NO ONE IS SAFE!

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Is California's Death Penalty At A Crossroads?

Please let me introduce you to Saskia Savana Burke!
My 18 year old daughter, Saskia Burke, was viciously stabbed to death in my home on 12-20-11, by a man who came to kill not only MY ENTIRE FAMILY, but the many children who would be staying with us over Christmas! He had planned his attack, and came armed with an arsenal of weapons. I will forever hear Saskia's screams of terror and pain as he slashed and stabbed her to death! That we should be concerned with William Gary Simpson's "constitutional rights" or killing him "humanely" is absurd! The constitution did not protect US - and there was nothing "humane" in the way he savagely stabbed Saskia to death: Stabbed my husband: Stabbed anothers child! Everyone who loved Saskia has become a victim unto him! What you cannot grasp, what you cannot comprehend - is that he TRULY KILLED US ALL THAT MORNING! But I guess, until that type of horror and pain is afflicted upon you - you can only speak on things you cannot possibly, truly understand! You only look at the one victim who died - not at all the victims who still exist, but are no longer capable of living! I mourn the loss of all three of my children, my husband - and myself. We were once the Burkes... Now, we are ALL lost to this life! He has destroyed us, by taking every conceivable happiness from us, FOREVER, in this lifetime!

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