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Comments made by Chainsaw

Issa's Staff Tied To Organizations That Could Benefit From Investigations

Boy; have the Unions and Democrat Party been busy this week. Nice that they hired their top consultant to come out to San Diego, and start slamming Mr Issa. I betch-a lunch; they have an entire crew here with lawyers, and investigators.
They use liberal press outlets like PBS, Watchdog Institute, and others to push the Unions Agenda, as well as the Progressive Agenda, (Communism).
If you want to see the liberals real agenda; do not look at what they say, but their actions really point to what their true objectives are, look around SD?
One things for sure they sure; they do not give a hoot about industry, jobs, small business, energy, or government spending or debt.
Good job Mr Issa; if the Unions send their top-dog to slime you; then I am absoultly sure you are "Right-On-Track", Keep going, and San Diego will support you, just like we always have. PS Thank you for all your work with the San Diego Business, Military, and Childrens Charities ! Thx

March 3, 2011 at 1:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )