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Comments made by Chale

Mammogram Controversy Continues


When was breast cancer first noted in history? Are there any accounts on recorded history or literature of women getting breast cancer and how far back does it go?
Lastly, since the disease was diagnosed as "Breast Cancer" has the rate of breast cancer increased, decreased, or stayed the same?

Thank you.

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Should California Move Forward With Plan To Build High-Speed Rail System?

I understand that high speed trains usually connect densely populated areas, so I was wondering how much bigger CA population is going to be by the time the hight speed rail system is completed? Is the CA population going to decline in the the next 50 years or will it continue to grow?

Lastly, I think that with pubic education and a lot of advertisement people will use the train. I say this because I live in Bankers Hill and a lot of people in my building (new construction) bought here because of the convenience of public transportation and many of us use it on a regular basis to go to Padres games, restaurants in downtown and Hillcrest, the SD Intl. Auto show, Comic Con, etc..

Already driving and trying to find parking in downtown and Hillcrest is a bit of a nightmare. So, public transportation makes sense in this area. Now if you live in Descanso, well, it was your choice.

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

I live in Bankers Hill and walk to Balboa Park nearly every day. If my opinion could be considered, this is what I would do.

1. Leave the park as it is. No more parking structures in the park. SAVE $.
2. Block cars before Cabrillo Bridge @ Balboa Dr. and El Prado (street parallel to 6th Avenue).
3. Have a cable car system (similar to the ones in Portland, OR.) to bring people from downtown and Hillcrest to the park.
4. For those who cannot walk for too long, offer a tram or a shuttle to the Plaza of Panama.

I think that some of the budget for the project could be spent into public and tourist ads emphasizing that even right now they can access the park by bus. Routes 3, and 120 run on 5th Avenue, stopping one short city block away from the park at Laurel street. And, the number 7 bus runs along Park Blvd. I bet you that most San Diegans have never considered taking the bus, riding a bike, or simply walking to the park. Taking your time to walk into the park is such a refreshing and zen experience, I don't understand why people drive into the park. When you walk you really get to appreciate the amazing landscape and gardens.

Again, public transportation is the key to access the park. When I go to NYC or any other major Metropolitan area in the country I get off my little San Diego cloud and use public transportation like most people in those cities. If we always make it easy for people to use their cars, public transportation will never get better and more efficient here, instead people will continue to be spoiled and keep on using their cars to access the park.

Recapping, the money - in my opinion - would be better used by creating a cable car system and by promoting public transportation to go to the park. We have to think into the future, 60 years from now there will be more cars and we might need another project for another parking structure. Mayor Jerry Sanders and City Council members could be public transportation ambassadors by taking buses from downtown to the park. Lead by example. I also hope that Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Coons do the same thing on Saturday for the public hearing. I challenge you to take public transportation to the park, it is not that bad. Have you tried it?

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