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Comments made by Charlie

The Story Of Bill Lerach's Fighting For Consumers

Jeez... with the way that Peter GK got spittal all over himself, it sounds like he's one of the corporate douchebags that Lerach used to call on the carpet. I'm gathering that Lerach most likely took the fall for a lot of other lawyers who engaged in the practice for which he went to jail, and while even Lerach admitted it was wrong, it certainly pails in comparison to the crimes of many of these rich and powerful corporate crooks who hide behind their corporate shield and destroy lives just so they can buy their 7th luxury condo at Aspen that they'll fly to in their private jets. I'm so sick of these corporate crooks that I could just scream.

Here's hoping that Bill Lerach brings his considerable talents to good use in bringing these greedy bastards to justice... by educating the public. God knows we need him, especially in light of all of the crap that Wall St. has done and continues to do to our country and the average citizen. May they all rot in hell.

Long live Bill Lerach.

March 26, 2010 at 2:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )