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The Story Behind Nathan Fletcher's Loss

The "great I-8 divide" is exaggerated in this map, because of the split in Democratic votes. For a more accurate view of such a divide, if it still exists, examine this map from the 2012 Presidential election results:

It's well done--you can zoom in and see the totals, etc.

If Romney vs. Obama is a typical 2 party race, you can see a lot of blue-ish precincts north of I-8.

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The Story Behind Nathan Fletcher's Loss

I was very disappointed when I saw this map--it is misleading!
The election was really 2 races:
1. A Democratic runoff with votes split between 3 candidates.
2. A count of Faulconer supporters.

Your map gives the impression that Faulconer was a big winner.
If you wanted the map colors to really mean something, you should have added the votes for Alvarez, Fletcher, and Aguirre (total = 55.2%). Clearly, there would be fewer "red" areas for Faulconer (42.7%).

The runoff will probably be closer if more "Decline to State" voters turn out (they are 2nd largest group), and I suspect only a small portion of those are Fletcher voters who will switch to Faulconer.

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Security Rules Tighten At Qualcomm Stadium

Unless the Chargers have a really good season, we should expect a lot of TV blackouts of the game. This security nonsense is based on the Boston Marathon attack.

In years past, even pre-9/11, I doubt if you could get into a Chargers game with a backpack containing a loaded PRESSURE COOKER!
When will we stop being so afraid??

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Filner's Attorney: City Failed To Provide Mayor With Sexual Harassment Training

Like they say, "You can't make this stuff up!"

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Filner Announces He Will Enter Counseling Clinic; Says Nothing Of Resigning

Sounds like more of the same self-incrimination he demonstrated when this first came out (see link to compilation below).

I voted for him, and am disappointed that Democratic insiders enabled him to run. It took a team of sycophants to keep this "secret" for years. It seems that this harassment was regarded as "normal" for Team Filner. His ego and disconnect from reality are scary (a monster within), and he is clearly not fit for running this city, where now, he can't be alone with a woman!!

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Former Communications Director Sues Filner For Harassment

Irene McCormack Jackson is a true hero.
Hopefully, more women will now file formal complaints.
All of Filner's responses so far have been self-incriminating (monster inside, etc.) or parroting "due process". It would seem that he has already dug the first couple of feet of his grave! Here's a Best of Bob "Huggy" Filner's recent babbling

Allred is already making him look like a dangerous, criminal fool. Game on, Bob!

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Filner Won't Resign; Apologizes, Says He Needs Help

"oooOOH" said Bobby. "You caught me! I've been a bad boy. Now I promise to be a good boy."

Boys will be boys....
Surely in 2013, some of the women that were harrassed are not going to feel any shame by stepping out and suing Filner and the City of S.D. after his pathetic little boy act. He needs to go heal, do his penance, whatever, but not on "city time."

Get ready for the litigation & media circus that Ms. Frye was trying to "help" all involved and move forward.

(Disclaimer: I voted for Bob and supported his pushback against the S.D. cronie power establishment.)

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Falling Tree At MCRD San Diego Injures 15 (Video)

Silly! Those are some tiny, tiny people if that's a 12-foot-tall tree.
Even without pictures, can you imagine how a 12-foot-tall tree could injure 15 people?
Am I expecting too much attention to detail to get this right?
I know it may sound old-fashioned, but maybe you should have a couple "sets of eyes" look at stuff before posting. You know, like a professional would.

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