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Comments made by ChrisCooke

San Diego Unified Restricts District-Related Travel To Arizona

Sheila v. Sheila. Sheila Jackson on the school board finds it more interesting to comment on another state's effort to control illegal immigration than doing her job. Sheila Boling hit the nail on the head by redirecting the school board to pay attention to its job and not distant political concerns.

As a lawyer, I find it fascinating how people with no formal legal education love to critique laws that have yet to be enforced let alone interpreted by the courts. Why do Californians turn a blind eye to illegal immigration? Why do legal immigrants discount their own efforts to enter and stay in the United States legally?

The federal government's inability to deal with illegal immigration drove Arizona to pass a law that gives local law enforcement the ability to deal with the problem. Racial profiling? Arresting school kids? Give me a break... Even Arizona cops have better things to do.

Hey school board....get back to work. If you want to be real politicians, run for a real political office. Your job is to manage the public school systems. Hey school teachers...stop cheering on political administrators and focus on educating your students. We could use more of that.

May 13, 2010 at 9:02 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Colman McCarthy Is Teaching Peace In America's Schools

PeaceEducation must not of heard Colman's comments about the US as a "bully". It was clearly offensive and not supportive of the US military.

JanetBill asks the wrong question. Teaching conflict resolution is good. But as we've learned so many times, peaceful discussion doesn't always get the job done. Colman McCarthy's comments bely his inner thinking. He has contempt for those who protect the rights of others through the appropriate use of force. If he was ever a legitimate spokesman for the topic of peace education, his radio show comments reflect that he no longer is.

May 1, 2010 at 7:33 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Colman McCarthy Is Teaching Peace In America's Schools

Colman's comments were so offensive I had to switch stations. How can anyone be so dismissive of the efforts of Americans, both uniformed and civilian, to keep the peace around the world? His allegation that America is a "bully" and thus motivates individuals to violence is ridiculous. In over 20 years of listening to KPBS, I've never heard such trash in my life. While I could only stand to listen to a short part of the broadcast, I hope there was at least one listener who called in to bring Colman down to earth. As for the charter school teacher who called in who said she supported everything he said, I am so glad none of my children attend your school. As a long-time KPBS member, I was really disappointed that Maureen did not challenge Colman's assertions regarding the US as a bully. What were you thinking?

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