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Comments made by ChrisGulick

Will New Water Delivery System End San Diego's Water Wars?

"Now it's an issue of right sizing, how much it will cost and who's going to pay for it," Gee, let's not leave any important details for later.
80% of all developed water in California goes to agriculture.
4% of the water diverted south from the Delta crosses the Grapevine. Hello ?
Ratepayers and taxpayers all over the state are being asked to provide a massive ongoing subsidy to agriculture. Not all of agriculture equally.
The majority of the benefit a Peripheral Canal/Tunnel "might" provide will go to a select few landowners in the Central Valley led by a Billionaire (with a B) growing pomegranites and almonds (mostly for export) on marginal westside soils tainted with selenium that finds it's way back to the Delta compounding the problem.
When will ratepayers and taxpayers wake up and realize this is corporate welfare on a huge scale ?
Why is welfare somehow more acceptable when the beneficiaries are the wealthiest among us ?

August 1, 2012 at 3:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )