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Comments made by ChrisZolezzi

The Future Of Salvation Mountain Uncertain

This is one of those places that should never be forgotten. It is one man's testament that with enough time and dedication anything is possible. This small one acre site within the hundreds of thousands of square miles of unspoiled desert is not going to do anything to disrupt any of the indigenous wild life. Especially when compared to the hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land filling the environment with heavy metals and pesticides. The idea that this work of folk art is damaging the environment is such a myopic view of the world full of real problems.

I propose that the supporters create a 501-C3 Non Profit that can raise funds to preserve the work of art and complete his hay bale museum to preserve the site forever. This group would be charged with preserving the place as a non denominational historic site in keeping with Leonard’s wishes. They could organize volunteers to protect and preserve the site. A method of preservation that would keep Leonard’s work intact and preserve it in a way he would appreciate would be to encapsulate it with anti-graffiti paint. These products are clear and have a gloss that Leonard would love. The clear coating would protect the colors from fading and the weather. They also would make any graffiti placed over the work easily removable.

February 13, 2012 at 9:18 a.m. ( | suggest removal )