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Comments made by Chuck63

Walmart Fight Moving To Sacramento

Juan doesn't have a clue, as he fails the people of califonia time and time agian now he fails to see the big pictue. Wal-Mart (where I'm sure he,his family memebers & his wife have shopped) where they employ large numbers and provides large tax revenues.

Once a city councilman himself, he wouldn't have approved spending $200K or $ 3 million from a cash straped city budget, then why is he suggesting now. Jaun's attempt to have a economic impact study ( which the answer has been the same for every Wal-Mart placed in San Diego County) is just another way of stalling out the actual building and putting hundreds of contstruction workers, store clerks, managers, support staff back to work.

Jaun is diffently kissing up to Gov. Brown, when Brown was suggesting disbanning Redevelopment Agencies and stealing the money back, then in the same breath say during his run for office- he wants to to put the money back into the local government control ?

Wal-Marts' done their own economic impact study and doesn't invest in areas they wont benefit all parties involved. Yes, small business did have its place years ago, but the greater good here is employing hundreds people, not a couple of people.

Guys...Get your act together ! Remember the Constitution " For the people-by the people"

February 3, 2011 at 8:20 a.m. ( | suggest removal )