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Comments made by ChuckT2014

Return Of US Open To San Diego Promises Economic Boost

Being able to boast that your golf property is and/or has hosted the US Open absolutely increases the value of your golf property and brings the city tourism revenue as well. When a golf course hosts a prestigious event like the US Open they increase the value of their brand expeditiously. To read more click on the following link

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Callaway Golf Posts $49M Loss For 2013 Fourth Quarter

There is good and bad in every scenario; the good in this scenario is Callaway’s brand and reputation is outstanding. Unfortunately, the bad is most stockholders are completely oblivious to the rapid decline of play and loss of golfers the game has suffered over the past few years. This decline is destined to continue unless the golf industry changes its business model. The only thing stockholders are concerned with is their ROI. To read more click on the following link

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