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Comments made by CoastalSanDiego

Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

@dlwintermia - The timing is unfortunate. We all wish that we would've known of Mayor Filner's proclivity for sexual harassment BEFORE we voted him into office. However, we cannot blame the victims of a crime for the timing of their coming forward.
I hope that you are able to find compassion and empathy for victims, rather than cruel judgement and asking them to be held "responsible for their actions." They are being responsible, they are holding themselves up to public scrutiny after a private humiliation.

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Supporters Ask Filner To Resign Over Sexual Harassment Claims

I have personally witnessed the mayor act inappropriately and in a sexually suggestive way at an event, towards my friend. The event was a public one, in a San Diego Museum, that was for a children's organization. The mayor said multiple inappropriate things at the event, and towards my friend. We were shocked that a mayor would act that way at all, let alone when he was representing the city, with and towards women he had never met. He acted as a classic chauvinistic pig.
We left the event feeling horrible and awkward. I even mused that all anyone would have to do to get Filner out of office was have a hidden camera and large breasts. He'd take care of the rest. I didn't say that lightly.
I knew he was engaged, and it made it all the more disgusting. I even voted for him. *sigh*
After the news came out yesterday, I was not surprised at all.
I've encouraged my friend to detail her experience with Mr. Gonzalez, and she has.
I'm proud of my friend. As I told her, "If that is how he acted, with you, a grown, strong, female stranger, imagine how he may act towards a woman in his employ, that he has direct influence over. You must protect other women, too."
Thank You to those that are standing up against a man that should not be representing the women of San Diego.

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