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Comments made by Commenter0118

MWD Accused Of Forming A Shadow Government

I am surprised at the lack of comments on this interview, article, and the documents provided by the SDCWA.

Although I have to admit that I have not reviewed the numbers presented in order to confirm that actual financial harm has been done to San Diego water users, it is very clear that there is a broad group of MWD members who are effectively excluding San Diego from relevant conversations. As to whether or not the final decisions would have differed had San Diego been included is not clear. But, regardless, it is inappropriate and possibly illegal for this external collusion to be occurring.

I am sad but not surprised to read comments from the OC representatives stating that the justification for excluding San Diego is in order to get work done and avoid “dumb questions”. The suggestion that San Diego should work with the MWD over grievances at being excluded from conversations is precisely the same logic for why MWD members should work with San Diego over grievances of “dumb questions”. Going outside of the MWD either independently or as a sub-set is harmful to the team as a whole and when this happens, we all suffer.

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Cyclists Battle Over Bike Lanes

In the early '80s my mother took great care to make sure we knew hand signals for turning and stopping, slowing. We were told that if we wanted to be on the sidewalk, we were pedestrians. If we wanted to ride, we were vehicles and had to behave as such and use the road. If we weren't comfortable turning left in a turn lane and wanted to use cross walks, we again were pedestrians and had to get off and walk our bike. Even as kids we were relatively comfortable interacting safely with cars on roads with speeds ranging from 25-45mph. And we knew we had alternatives if we were uncomfortable.

That said, there is always a need for balance - some folks will never be comfortable without a designated bike lane (maybe the same folks who will make four right turns in their car before turning left without a designated left turn light) and others will be strong in their confidence and ability to interact safely with motor vehicles. At the end of the day, this topic is clearly ripe for the exposure and discourse allowed here - education and communication are primary keys to making improvements for all.

March 7, 2012 at 1:29 p.m. ( | suggest removal )