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Comments made by ConcernedCitizen1

NCTD Chief Answers Questions About Agency Turnover

Two more observations.

Tucker: "Those employees chose to execute a severance agreement." Yes, employees whose positions were "eliminated" by Tucker were naturally in a vulnerable position and needed severance. But it is TUCKER who insists on non-disclosure clauses and secrecy, not the employees. In fact, this is simple blackmail by Tucker. Tucker cynically trades taxpayer-funded money in exchange for confidentiality. Cover-up, cover-up, cover-up!

Tucker: "...most of those comments are anonymous because those employees don't want to attach their names to it." A bald-faced lie, and Tucker knows it! The former employees are forced to be anonymous, because Tucker holds their severance hostage. Tucker, if you want former employees to stop being anonymous, simply release all former employees from the non-disclosure agreements you insisted on! There would be a flood of new information about Tucker, most of which has not yet been reported! But I guarantee that Tucker will not release the former employees, and thereby give up on his precious secrecy. No, he'll continue with his current practice. Force former employees to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to get severance, and then whine about how the former employees are anonymous. What a waste of taxpayer dollars for this sinister and shameful practice!

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NCTD Chief Answers Questions About Agency Turnover

There are liars, there are damned liars, and then there's Matt Tucker.

Here are just a few of his lies.

Tucker: "...the vast majority of them [employees who have left] were also laid off due to the fact that they were being funded through grant programs that were being discontinued..." This is a complete lie! Tucker, grant funding is not confidential. Which specific grant programs are you referring to, and which employees? Tucker won't provide documentation of this wild claim, because he can't back up this fabrication.

Tucker: "We have never in the history of the NCTD had more experienced people in positions than we have today." Again, a complete fabrication! In fact, of the 18 "key contacts" listed on NCTD's website, over one-third have been with NCTD for less than a year and a half! Only one has been with NCTD for any significant length of time, like a lone standing tree in a neighborhood flattened by a destructive hurricane.

Tucker: " fact, one of the employees that holds one of those senior positions has been with NCTD probably 25 to 30-something years..." As noted, only one of the "key contacts" has been with NCTD for a significant length of time. That is poor Mike Wygant, the current Chief Operations Officer. And Mike Wygant can't be feeling too secure. Wygant is the 3rd Chief Operations Officer in less than 3 years. Tucker isn't interested in mentioning these inconvenient truths.

Tucker: "So if you look at the time period that I've been there, you will see that we have developed plans across all of our business areas that never existed before." Again, a complete lie, and a sweeping insult of the talented professionals who ran the agency for years before Tucker ever arrived. During their watch, their was no multi-million dollar shutdown of service like the Sprinter shutdown in 2013. And the 2012 FTA Triennial Review under Tucker was the worst federal review in the history of NCTD, even though Tucker spent over $100,000 in consulting fees to prepare for it.

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