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Comments made by Cristobal

Why Is Socialism Scary Again?

Scare tactics aside on both sides of the issue, the underlying source of the "pushback" is coming from at least three realities.

First, the ability to choose is fundamentally American. The current health plan that proposes to cover 94% of us is over-reaching (especially when only 13% of the population is currently uncovered), negates that freedom of choice, and pushes us all into a mediocre middle game that says "you're not capable of making good choices, so we'll do it for you." (With that arrogance of supposed-competence and expertise, why doesn't Congress tell me which cell phone plan is best for me!?)

Second, Congress happily slept (dreaming of the contributions it could exact from the financial industry!) while the financial meltdown was in the making. Now, that same Congress is attempting to position itself as "get tough" while it really knows no more about economics and the unintended consequences of its legislation and regulation, than it did about steroids in baseball. That lack of economic "cause and effect" thinking is resulting in unprecedented and irreparable government spending that will further the recession and push the entire U.S. economy to a mediocre middle game on the world playing field.

Finally, the government bureaucracy has consistently demonstrated its incompetence (effectiveness and economics) at most of what it touches - - the military excepted. That bureaucracy is touching too much of American life. Health care is intensely personal and the government's role ("the best predictor of future performance is past performance") is expected to be invasive, more so causing the reactions we've seen, than the scare tactics coming from either side.

October 8, 2009 at 6:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )