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Comments made by Crolley40

Men Say Hair Loss Drug Causes Sexual Problems And Depression

Man! I can't empathize more with many of the rest in addition to a few who went through this terrifying experience after regularly taking this testesterone diminishing anti libido hair medication. Though this isn't available over the counter and doctor's prescription is required, the medicinal effect or prognosis explained by the clinic is that everything will be fine with just temporarily dwindled functionality from men's hormone testesterone and this imperilment will quickly disappear once I stop taking this drug, but this was found to be contrary to my experience once I started taking them. Effectiveness of this drug in significant delinquency in the rate & ratio of N.of hair loss plus potentially a new growth (that won't be pull off easily) was generally perceived as a positive confirmation by the medical community in this profession, and the benefit calculation far outweighed the possible side effect as temporary halt of libido. And I had to beg my family(parents) who strongly suggested me to keep on taking this drug, but eventually after experiencing some visible downside in my emotion, kind of gloomy mood without visible reason why! and talking with other psychic therapists (in combination of multiple causes & problems like complusive gaming habit,etc) about this mood swing, parents eventually agreed I don't have to take this medication any longer if I chose not to. But I had to honest tell people here it had a prolonged impact in my sexual life (though I was single /still AM) in not feeling attracted with whom I'm supposed to feel otherwise. And in other cases, it's kind of embarassing to eleborate here but, I attmepted that as an exit to relieve my stress adequately however, the physical mechanism simply won't work (as it's supposed to prior to taking it) and how horrible this can be only the experienced with this type of pill can agree with me.
So what happened to my hair loss? Thanks to some of cautionary approaches as far as hair loss is concerned, other natural remedies as adequate fiber & nutrient rich meals, avoidance of direct exposure to sunlight, positive mindset (hair loss is closely linked to stress factor also), regular lifestyle (during the irregualar habits in U.S the bulk of it were gone!), and use of lesser harmful chemical shampoos, all contributed to a measurable stagnation in hair loss progression. Now hair loss is a lesser important issue to me to maintain my self image (outward appearance at the least), but I'm using my wig mostly wearing it only when I feel necessary- formal gathering, etc.
Some don't have a favorable view on wigs (from mostly their prejudice on wearing one) but I find it very useful occasionally, and it doesn't dent an inch on my self dignity or pride. Outer appearance doesn't define my personal character, or priority !

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Roundtable: Superintendent Roulette; Sequestration Reality; Plaza Reroute; License-Plate Readers

Set aside for a moment intrusion of privacy issue, auto scanning your vehicle's license plate numbers for the purpose of catching the most violent & evasive criminals, some of whom as he pointed out are caught long after like eighteen months thanks to the recorded database, wire taping for terror suspects, and even monitoring your com. files - checking out some person of interest online activities so on- in this regard, provision of your facebook account to employer that sounded pretty excessive to me- I ask this moral and practical question as well where's the balance between going for speed, efficiency with high tech and sticking more to conventional humane elements in our daily endeavors, one of which in this case has to do with law enforcement. So very understandably social justice & national security for instance must be prioritized many people say, than any trivial privacy&human rights concerns that can be resolved or compromised by other means which are only secondary (compared to the task of justice & national security) By the way what's the justifiable definition of justice? I'll skip this more ideological argument. This also has to do with the other issue especially related with our children and future generation that are getting more tech savy and spend ever greater portion of theirs punching keys of their smart phones, web surfing or playing video games than they used to socialize with peers offline, exercise and do the rest of outdoor activities. Well past timers can't simply insist the younger the old ways of doing homeworks, socializing or keeping (what they considered as) moral righteousness because they're all bound to subjective judgments (what's recommendable or not) And still from perspective of my own about the direction this modernizing world is headed to, It's still appalling to imagine the sci fi being more close to real.. and if it's headed the way we're now, it's just a matter of time, but not if, that our human conscience will more yield to sophisticated judicial requirement, and the fabric (and core) of human integrity that we now know of can be jeopardized.
Some human rights orgs as ACLU when it addressed its own legitimate worry about invasion of privacy, should certainly had in mind this boundary (at certain point irrevocable) the secular interest as law enforcement might cross over also..
Mass amount purchase and installation of new infrared body scanners inside airports has its controversy more than the sensitivity of body scanning- exposing private parts in controversial marks itself- but up to what new tech (beyond its efficiency and convenience) should be permitted to infringe on our humane capability and dignity to manage certain things from our own mind power.
*India's biometric identification system adopted and finished later when it will store massive N. of peoples' database there (that some people there feel skeptical of it) resonate with this worry.. We must find that balance!

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'People for a Safe Community' Calls For Stricter Federal Gun Laws

Thanks to personafied teamwork coverage on Adam Lanza's Frontline that came into mine (not as though someone else problem) unlike some other previous frontline coverage as D.C edu chancellor michelle lee so on, and it gave me some perspecitve on this gun violence issue, and was able to re address myself what were the eleborated details concerning Nancy's (reported) apocalyptic worldview, and her sense of safety with second amendment guaranteed gun possession. And from this point, I agreed that it was such a tragic mistake by her decision to accompany Adam shooting practice at local training places. And I also wondered how come faculty members where Adam attended & his counselors had failed to advise Nancy not to keep any arms inside house considering the mental cases Adam had. So this focus on people who had close connection to the young killer and controversy specific approaches (though missing some I indicated about Nancy's characters, or mental condition that I thought she might have had some) also spotlighting aftermath for community's sake rather than typical chronical & comprehensive (covering all extra details) narration has come more real issue N.T connecticut and the nation's facing.

I'm in appraisal of this localized news media effort covering newtown massacre, journalists effort to show it more personafied to viewers, since current news environment is focusing more delivering infos(what's happening) than how those infos were received or manufactured, so that the public are convinced of their efforts. kpbs is doing such a great job, let's say compared to pbs newshour, with personalized in depth coverage, but easily understood by people, perhaps it can more easily focus on localized issues (as residents themselves reporting) as San Onofre, border problem down S.D in conjunction to nationwide immigration debate, ethnic culture & cuisinary venues as sprawling ethnic markets which can be marketed for benefits of the rest who live in this region. So, there's always new infos which are more practical and less "politically outdated" I should say, or scholarstic, ideological & philosophical, knowledge oriented & certainly boring in many occasions which is pbs newshour.

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New Faster Water Quality Test Is Given A Chance In San Diego

But water monitoring for these chemical elements seem pretty complex unlike the bacterial detection which can be done daily basis if required after rains, or reports of illegal litering so on. This is sophsticated precedure which will (if you will) inevitably climb up the source of origin, the responsible parties (since streamlining multiple polluter sources are very difficult), and more than this issue (as internationally contentious climate change issue to find who's more responsible!) the known lethal effect to marine organisms and human who eat them as our dietary necessity will show very slowly even after the contamination is banned (like the case of P.V shutdown) till they're leached into theirs and our body to result in cancer, bone thinning, neurological damage, so on..infants and preganent women are also more susceptible to these harmful elements. But it's very difficult to lay a clear line what areas in what levels of detecting existent residue of chemical elements are categorized as safe or fair, and what the rest of others are to be designated as 'danger'zone or 'extreme high risk' zone for instance. But please do not ask me (as I'm not a water quality expert) why Sand bass or other bottom fishes, mackerels (I know most of you won't eat this..if its not red snapper or halibut maybe), scuplfins taste so bad caught near harbor mouth and just off shore of Silver Strand SB, and point loma kelp bed, compared to that of equal or similar taste species caught much farther offshore as San Clemente Island, Catalina or San miguel Island (cha. isl. chains) for instance. If you live in San Diego areas and didn't know this fact, I'd presume you're living in another world!
I don't live in S.D now=> Just to render some of you perspective..

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New Faster Water Quality Test Is Given A Chance In San Diego

Del Mar & N.county S.D areas beaches are in general more pristine and boast decent water quality compared to heavy residential metro, in its centre S.D harbor and immdeiate vicinity of it sprouting further beyond with lesser water contamination as it stretches farther from harbor except the imperial beach and border coastal region which are also heavily polluted due to the river discharge (particularly after stormy events). And due to la jolla underwater canyon (with steep slope and churning effect from movement of current- which also bring algae and nutrient rich water deep underneath every spring s to nearshore) there're less worry about bacterial born pollution than shallower sea. I was going to mention that apart from storm driven rivers and waterways discharge, inevitably that extra seweage from especially winter's heavy downpours untreated, that are conducive of excess nutrients as animal & human feces maybe, household detergent, food waste, all kinds of debris so on driven mucks and foams that are also high in lethal bacterial level..(so beach advisory after such occasions aren't only limited to surfers and swimmers but also those patrons who're exposed to air born germs), in veil under away from proper public awareness, that warrants to be addressed more clearly is toxic & chemical level pervasive & prolonging residues in CA's coastal waters, especially more heavily concentrated around metro harbors as S.D port & L.A.,but not necessarily much safer farther away from these "attention required" for instance, Palo Verde near San Pedro had once a pesticide manufacture plant (now banned & closed) which emptied irrevocable amounts of DDT to the extent the continental shelf underneath sediment proximity of it still has significant amounts of DDT (which I guess will float up every roughy storms, since it takes painstakingly long for elements to disintegrate) which has affected underwater eco environment visibly, and one of such toxic effect by this agent (though not verifiably linked to this source of contamination-P.V plant discharge) was also publicized as a couples' cancer cases upon consuming high DDT level white croakers, which are also well known to locals as tomcod(or kingfish). So, in near metro coastal piers (where fishing's permitted) warning posts can be seen (but more of those from Dept. fish and game just after this DDT, mercury, PCB, lead and other toxic issue got greater spotlight) but in other suburban coastal piers as San Clememte, or Oceanside, Newport & Balboa piers maybe, or even O.B pier in S.D there are seen no such signs advising fishermen not to eat these species (some perches, corvina-of which the habitat is quite shallow water and likely exposed to greater vulnerability, some sedentary speices also included in such advisory), even though health risk comparison between the metro and suburban located piers weren't conducted needed scientific research.

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Justin Bieber And His Faith In God Discussed At Point Loma Nazarene

It maybe hard for you to understand but rehearsal upon Thessalonians was reminiscencing of eating $1 chicken sandwich at Jack in the box, one near airport maybe, the other at Pearl st. maybe around S. entrance to la jolla near la jolla blvd. and i thought of eleborating this manner little bit more but..unless I want to be ridiculed as though I'm hallucinating..or day dreaming at this moment.. It's one before midnight here & time to sleep anyway.. Vivid reminder of eating taco at ocean b, and doing all kinds of..selling stuff, walking on beach.. eating at that chicken house next to Denny's r at grand ave. by the way i did slept a few at bananna bungalow both O.B and M.B (or P.B i should say) and caught some off O.B pier. I recommand you to go rock fishing la jolla (rock croppings that aren't off limit due to marine sanctuary designation) & up N. county rather than O.B pier unless utilizing boat. I walked more miles while in S.D than I did the rest of my lives.. I had chronic feet pains because of it. From mission valley tr ctr to fashion valley, hazard sta. and beyond to qualcomn stadium. but i miss that calvary ch. thnks to every members there..(though they couldn't materialistically be much aid to me- while I was H. - anything menetary is trivial in value compared to the spiritual one. yes I walked from old town to shelter Island and beyond at night half way slept the rest half night, and walked the rest half after sunrise.. first along midway Dr. to Denny's there & way back to the other one at point loma. regret that i can't have printed version of S.D tribune & la times now.. fifty cents were well spent considering $$ I wasted somewhere else.. a little spooky or.. but trolley trip to H street chula vista was worth crashing a night once a while into a barely affordable motel 6. That's about it.. And that memoir or nostalgia i should say since it's still subjective depiction of mine (regardless of your personal empathy to my such experiences- i beg not 'sympathy' though, 'compassion' is fair!) is floating 'alive' but I know it's not there (for you to experience and for me once i get there now..) and only His Spirit has the clue I guess?

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Several Dead In Southern California Shooting Spree

I used to live near Mcfadden & Beach blvd for several years (it was called Midway city then also near Garden Grove), and Little Saigon where I also would eat at a Vietnamese noodle restaurant, and commuted to H.S and later to OCC Costa mesa, and would hit the beach along that Harbor corridor, not by hwy 55 though, and rode frequently in that section of Katella Ave. (or blvd) I saw in more occasions in that vicinity broadly surrounding that OC communities, as Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Tustin, even up to Seal beach, fountain valley, and perhaps not beyond S. OC that had more benign manner concerning motorists attitude, even beyond to where Knott's berry F is located, cars were running like in race ('rage' will be a fine substitutue in this exp.) exchanging such deragotary slurs and in general not respecting one another. What this has to do with this gun incidence? Well, I was just thinking of educational level or etiquette so to speak for those residing in this area.. (please do not feel offended if you do live in these districts) that might be somehow reflective of this gun crime.

Just wanted to post some of excerpts I left pbs comment line relating gun violence because I liked the guy analoguing justification of ubc to that of fishing license requirement. I also couldn't agree more to a professor of psychiatry (not sure her position) interviewed in the program, suggestion more number of counselors are needed in school sites. (and I conveyed a little bit of my thought that, if more parenting role, and other non specialized staff members as academic advisors can assit students in such roles more times than now.
Here are some of those recent comments but it might not work due to post length limitation// (It appears too greedy and talkative posting more than two at the most as I felt that way last commenting..) in fact, you can say I'm wasting my time -_-
I can't find/ here's short version=>I was issued a ticket for not having a fishing permit in S.Laguna (Aliso pier) and Fish&wildlife wardon made me pay $95 for that first violation. The original penalty was $640 or around that .. (I'm not lying to you guys..!) Thanks magistrate!
I wasn't fishing on that pier (No license required fishing public pier) but was rock fishing some distance away from there.. caught two opaleyes and one barred surf perch.. But that was not the reason he cited me.. Whether you keep or not, it requires you to have a permit anyway..

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Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

Lowered distribution route & cost thru more number of co-op & certified vendors at farmers' market (than in turn create diversity in product choices for consumers) will motivate poeple to buy more locally and less of canned &processed items, fastfoods, or meat and produce imported outside U.S

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Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

I rushed and see errors/ descent- decent/ lesser ideal selections

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Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

There's much more in explaining why people opt to certain produces or meats when these appear to be less supportive of local economy, environment (regional water &soil conserv. in ecological aspect, but largely relevant with climate change issue also), and most consumers with basic knowledge in these issues already know their shopping preferrences will impact the local economy, and environment these ways, (though they'll opt not to specifiy upon request of their opinions- I'm not a environment & sustainability guy but already know these myself) but they at least know how to balance their budget supporting kids, and other living costs other than food purchase. Farmers' market- that I usd to love patron myself! for their organic & locally beneficial causes- isn't available 24-7 and can rarely be found in certain areas probably lower income districts or otherwise the products available if any in these areas can be lesser in ideal selections or quality of products than up scale districts for example. And as I observed those held every Tue at Santa Barbara, or well popular one held at San Luis Obispo higuerra st every Thur. some of their more descent commodities have higher price tag than ones found in conventional big chains. For instance, some sold at Trader Joe's are touted as grown less environmentally harmful ways like most dairy products, and poultry but significantly values more than those found in other stores. Well.. It's maybe indeed people's choice what suppliers make readily available to them like Australian imported orange than allegedly better tasting S.D grown ones which are exported to other corners outside U.S in good prices. But I see in more cases, the marketing pattern by suppliers has less to do with consumer preference but has more to do with the scarcity of it.. I mean the laternatives for consumers with limited amounts of money that could be spent to buy better quality and in some cases locally beneficial products. To finish by giving a simple anecdote, many consumers shopping at groceries and eating at restaurants in S.Korea has begun to buy and eat American beef in higher quantities and occasions than past not becuase their once had fear of mad cow disease has drastically disscipated now, but more likely becuase they more than ever find it less sustainable to buy domestic beefs- that people in no doubt know retain excellent taste and quality- particualarly at this recessed global economic period, and that's a long distance imported from U.S or Australia or some other European countries in the case of other meats like pork. Well .. how come the program has neglected this point from American consumers' persepctive?

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