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Comments made by Crolley40

Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

I was able to receive much feedback and insights from the previous kpbs program Envision S.D which brought issue concerning mass raised inside fence & hormone injected cattles in imperial valley, or certain cross hybrid of chickens fed with corn, fish meals & chicken feather specified for consumer demand (to yield greater breast meat for instance), mostly grown inside factories but only in limited numbers grown with better feeds and environment to be marketed at local farmers' market, fishes 50percent of which we eat are farm raised (not wild ones as we hope for!), and the problem arised with such aquaculture and harmful environmental impact both in water degradation and dwindled wild stock (from imbalance in ratio of fish feed required to harvest farm raised ones). And in tackling this dilemma of natural fish feed scarcity, a new concern arised with alternative feeds as cattle parts, soy based protein, etc that can have human health concern of its own by potential transmission of mad cow disease for example. (and it said, certain fish as salmon on its farm raised one has as much or in greater quantity of omega 3 acid which's already known to be beneficial to cardiovascular disease, osperoporosis, or even recently found pretty effective remedy for brain degenerative D, or CTE. ) And finally, in calculation of economic viability in growing certain produces locally vs equally contentious issue with non organic ones (with pesticide & other chemical fertilizers), and peoples' preferrence selecting at local stores. But though it was such an informative program (in some aspect, arousing consumers' awareness), I regret it could cover beyond the status quo spotlighting peoples' buying pattern.

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Amid Threats Of Violence, Who's Keeping San Diego School Children Safe?

Let district organized good parenting groups volunteer in school to offer needed advice and counseling to students in higher risks. Not just certified school counselors but academic advisors should play greater role in this arena of social & moral disciplines apart from academics and career path counsel so on. Ask them what is going on around their lives and be more interactive with them

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Cleaning Up Home For Endangered Species In San Diego

How come SSSB offshore artificial reef struc. caught Sand bass upon dissecting it smells like a rusty iron? Thanks for your info..What's biting out there now?

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Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

Since I had to be more specific in calculating positive outcomes & prospect of ethnic markets, to analyze what products will be potentially most popular to those who could not find those items at some as Albertson's, Ralph's, or Safeway.. I find some canned fish like tuna, or mackerel pikes.. Some Korean brand (Dong **-i won't specifiy, since it maybe sensitive) canned tuna has better quality and taste than U/S made like mermaid brand (chicken of the s), using better quality portion of yellowfin/ or bluefins with olive oil/ got lesser sodium version also. Some mushroom species wild & harvested in mountaineous regions of Washington St, aren't that wholly plentiful or well known to other ethnic population, but not that scarce to be unfit marketed at groceries, so they can be found at some ethnic chains, and can make excellent dishes i heard. Some seafoods as abalone, sea cucumber, sea urchin, blue crabs harvested from offshore Boston or Maine, Dungeness & king crabs not from local waters but perhaps air delivered from Alaska are good bets, since some pacific abalones & sea cucumbers can be stir fried and make good dishes also. And some of thse sea items are better quality than those found at other U.S chains. Dried seaweed can be more accessible at these ethnic chains near future due to higher N. of imports from Korea, and they are not easily perishable compared to other soft natural foods. John Hopkins in dietary publication (i'm not sure who' or what published) doctors found Korean seaweed soup has credible health effect especially to the pregnant women. Some of other produces and seafood & meat items are found none at other U.S chains! Ethnic markets from its enhanced marketing and keeping the order (price, sanitation in store, English specified tags so on) of their management seem to have ever brighter prospect..

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Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

I was gonna add that thanks to the effect of new FTA pact with U.S there'd be more choices of meats and produces, and other processed items directly imported from S.Korea, in addition to multiplying crop Hs & dairy produce available there. I think all these factors can be only beneficial to these ethnic chains.

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Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

Not just from racial demographics change particularly noticeable in certain counties as S.D or L.A and the whole state of CA compared with Midwest, and peoples' demand for their ethnic eateries, greater social interraction, so called assimilative effect brings positive impact of advertising its diverse ethnic cuisinary. In addition to this transformation and attitude change of trying a new ones (of others) peopels' appetitie and inclination are getting more health aware, diversifying their diets away from traditional processed and fast foods to prefer greater home cooks. It's not just to resolve to be a vegetarian, or health conscious but (as Americans put higher trust on oriental medicines like acupuncture than before) they'd feel less weird & yuke trying what they have not tried before, like fried grasshopper tacco maybe?

Like a one (Korean mart)- Zion or something near convoy&mercury intersection with Balboa blvd, many ethinic marts and groceries sprawling have great advantage and potential in the aspect of potential number of consumers (which are ever more diversifying), and produces available by relatively cheap workforces (as migrant guest worker programs and legal basis for their residency in exchange for work programs plus new immigration reform measure to ensure their work permits), plenty of still vacant fertile soils to be alloted for harvest of ethnic veggies, and so called 'ideal variation' that import some of ethnic variety making skills from their country of origin, and combine that with more plentiful produces & livestocks raised and harvested in U.S - these can be relatively scarcer in ethnic country of origin!

Now the greater stake for ethnic markets' sales figure hike has to do with what marketing strategies restaurants and the community as a whole to utilize for people outside its ethnic boundary become more used to those ingredients and feel lesser shy shopping at those places. Farmers' market is one such beneficial opportunity outside conventional big chains for consumers to find greater choices grown by local and ethnic farmers. There're organic choices and healthier items at these ethnic marts also.

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Several Dead In Southern California Shooting Spree

About ten years back, in a Denny's restaurant at Grand Ave. PB around.. 10p.m I was drowsy sitting and leaning on the table, a guy (while I didn't notice) dashed a cup water into my face (murmuring like a slur-like homeless chink or something) and ran out and I chased him but missed.. I wasn't in a nice mood then since I had to stay overnight there. Who knows if I had a gun then, if an evil spirit engulfed me, I can't say it was impossible I could make a tragic mistake in that situation..
Luckily I didn't have any gun or weapon then, and the outrage I felt didn't last too long. After a while I had wiped my face and calmed down, didn't feel too bad. If a person isn't a character of firm faith (not being furious easily that's very hard!), you never know what will get you into trouble from instant ill decisions..

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Medical Facts Behind Gambling Addiction

This suppression is "now"/ or omit 'not' isn't more complex=> "is"

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Medical Facts Behind Gambling Addiction

Yes they’re right that I didn’t go to churches, quit doing that embarassing acts, or try hard enough to become a more respected and contributing person. Why didn’t I! I ask myself.
But what I have beeing telling from the beginning of so called petty thoughts concerning ‘higher spiritual domain/or entity’ (probably more directly or indirectly governing us & myself in universal law or accord) isn’t to justify the past ‘scanty resolution, intelligence, motivation..’ that failed to keep me in a better shape, but to spotlight my such allegation how we as a society neglect to recognize this spiritual inter connectiveness we’re living in other than concept of religious doctrine or teachings of salvation. What if I say.. only if this blockade could be taken care of then (in spiritual sense) I could have life more resourceful and engaging to benefit all round me too!
This suppression is not reigning heavier upon me now in Korea. This isn’t more complex than family issue, career, marriage (I’m still single by the way).. Perhaps what I’m looking for myself and feeling regretful of the mistakes the former mayor made (allegedly also aggravated by her brain tumor condition) feeling for her can be indeed much greater than mankind worries as money, job, family relation, simple mental condition so on.. This higher domain is certainly working not necessarily “fairly” whether people are willing to accept to such entity or not..

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Medical Facts Behind Gambling Addiction

Well..there exist many religious sects as Christianity that believes in one God(though it preaches teachings of Christ, Son of God, and Holy Spirit present within us/though considered as One entity in Holy secret of Trinity), Buddhism of which the central theme is Buddha’s teachings of transcendence over humane elements, Islam that has biblical version of Koran, Muhammad as a prophet, and Hinduism that accepts polytheism and ‘reincarnation’. In what people are more accustomed with conventional beliefs in various religious sects I can see my thoughts on the existence of ‘higher spiritual entity-if it possesses self sustaining, autonomic power-or un divine domain/or law existing in itself (but not as a divine entity)’ can be easily discredited as an unfound philosophy or heresy by most religious sects which will even regard my thoughts as ‘profanity’. Buy my focus I’d like to reiterate has less to do with validity of conventional religious doctrine or beliefs, desanctifying such ‘spiritual entity’ as a form of breathless ‘center’ in higher level automatically exerting its influence to this world, not by its divinity but in accordance with the natural law (of universe) itself. To say more plainly, I’m not here to establish “new” religious sect of heresy or such beliefs therein, or to disparage & delegitamize any established ones.

To give an anecdote though I feel very ashamed to confess in reminiscences of still so pitiful periods I had experienced while in San Diego, I on numerous occasions had been standing on the median & corners of street flying a sign solicitating money.. Some were spent to buy foods, get a place to crash in at night, buy things or.. gambling. I definitely didn’t enjoy it because such behaviors were contradicting to my still ramnant (and standing strong) sense of dignity & morality that had not made me feel happy getting some money doing it. My working ethics and personal integrity might have shrunk considerably then however, I was not feeling morally justified keeping on ilicit behaviors nor I was crazy. I wasn’t on any drugs or any such that could compromise my sense of righteousness and personal integrity.. and of course not simply because I was lazy. Then you must rebuke me how come I didn’t resolve to become more dilligent to find a job, go to local agencies or aid organizations to find a better pathway out of the ditch which I dug myself you say.. Common sense people will chastise me feeling more pitiful on me, that I could resolve to be more dilligent, enduring, taking care of myself and going to a local church to find help available at the least that I somehow chose not to.. or chose not to keep on my commitment!

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