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Comments made by CullenEd

AG Announces $8.7 Million in Funds to Fight Drug Trafficking

They will patrol the border for drug-smuggling and criminal activity. Yovanna Guzman was a young model who loved gold, diamonds…and violent criminals! Normally, you shouldn't date someone that kills thousands, but then again, a crystalline version of coal is…valuable…if you…aren't intelligent. Yovanna Guzman dated Wilber Varela, one of the most dangerous, psychopathic drug lords in Colombia. She got jewelry, cars, and all kinds of stuff – oh, and for her "love", shot! ("Happy Anniversary, honey"…BANG! Oh yeah, someone you can take home to Mom.) Varela shot her in the leg. Everything else aside, Yovanna Guzman does deserve sympathy, and her life story is harrowing, but the rest of us should consider <a rev="vote for" title="Yovanna Guzman: Love and Luxuries with Columbian Drug Lords" href=" ">personal loans</a>, or at least a job before anything like that.

October 24, 2009 at 1:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )