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Comments made by Cytelica

Unlikely Bedfellows: Occupy San Diego And The Tea Party

Unions are not fundamentally monopolistic, corporations and businesses are. They implement “barriers to competition” and offer no democratic process of control as do labor organizations. Unions are voted in and just as easily the membership can vote them out, change representation, form their own independent association, vote up and down their dues, and vote in their representatives. Unions due try to raise the price of their work, which is absolutely no different that a business trying to maximize profits. And why shouldn’t workers receive a fair share of the profits from their labor? Any one who does not believe in being paid for the work they do, or that believes that other workers should be marginalized through impoverishing wages should always demand to work for minimum wages or acknowledge their own duplicity.

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Unlikely Bedfellows: Occupy San Diego And The Tea Party

Selling a product is not a democratic action. Far to often conservatives confuse democracy with capitalism. A buyer does express a preference when buying a product, but there are absolutely no “free” votes between competing products. More importantly, corporations are allowed to covertly charge the consumer a fee hidden within the product cost with which businesses can and do use to gain preferential tax treatment and legal impunity of all sorts. They write off their costs of lobbying/attorney’s fee’s whenever pursuing their preferential legislation/tax treatment/tax amnesty. Thus much of the cost for their self promotion is transferred onto the backs of tax payers.

Business need to make a profit but not at the expense of the overall economy and economic stability of America. Unlike the “Take Over” rally, Republican ‘Tea Partiers’ accept their corporate overlords and the financial backing they offer. Many conservatives believe that workers should simply be impoverished supplicants too cowed to even grovel for another lump of coal on the fire. The Dickensian approach to mean spirited and selfish corporatocracy is shortsighted and offensive to anyone who cares about social justice or sustainable society. With a quick glance around examples of billionaire/corporate greed and their anguish against paying a living wage can be seen.

Conservatives by and large are insentient nihilists. Are we to have forgotten the Republican led brinkmanship over the debt ceiling crisis? Are we to overlook how the Republican “Tea Party” members gloat at the prospect of an American economic failure? Should we not observe Herman Cains onerous contention that a woman must give birth to a fetus in all circumstances, even when that would cost the mother her life? His very regressive 9-9-9 plan is dedicated to enriching the wealthy elite. Are we to forget all of the rancid lies they told about the Affordable Health Care Act or the Republican’s historic over use of the filibuster and holds. Are we to ignore the Republicans agenda to under fund the government no matter what the devastation? Republicans insist on displaying the American flag stars upside down to make their point! And must we deny the rabid froth emanating from such conservative luminaries as Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, or the smarmy O’Reilly. They are not “a few bad actors” but the gods of conservative hate radio. Clearly these highlights point to a conservative nihilistic dogma who’s authoritarian oppression of others is an insatiable driving force in their nightmarish quagmire.

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Unlikely Bedfellows: Occupy San Diego And The Tea Party

As much as I love Maureen C. her interview of this local “Tea Party” leader (Deniston) was typical of what PBS and KPBS now offer as “news/information”. Very slanted toward the Right because they think more Republican listeners will donate. Republicans do NOT seek middle ground nor independent/informed thinking. Fraught with irascible contempt for the welfare of others, Republican Tea Party acolytes continue to “Rough the Ref” to get their fraudulent propaganda ingrained into the American psyche. Remember how they disrupted Democratic town halls and have been urging their members to smash windows of Democratic officials!

The Republican “Tea Party” is NOT a party! It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican party. All “Tea Party” candidates run as Republicans. They are funded by billionaire extremist Republicans like the Koch brothers who desire to oppress the American middle class. What better way to live in America than to have a desperate and dependent servant class and a small professional class to cater to the whims and coffers of these "gilded age" selfish billionaires. Republican "Tea Party'ers" will rejoice at this 'opportunity'.

And Deniston’s claim that our political process will be put right by more term limits is short sighted and propagandistic. Politicians are subject to term limits each time they must run for re-election. Forcing out experienced politicians only gives business and corporations more control over our government. Businesses then write the legislation and can write off much of their lobbying expenses but we humans cannot. The 'Occupy Movement' is about restoring the middle class and democratic bottom up rule/opportunity.

There is nothing democratic about a business or corporation. And contrary to Deniston’s Republican talking point that unions are equally bad, they are democratic organizations providing their membership with complete voting rights. Unions look out for their members while corporations/businesses amorally seek to maximize profits.

So KPBS, please stop trying to confuse listeners into believing that the jack booted hard core Republican "Tea Party" is a separate entity offering anything other than selfish disinformation and nihilism.

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San Diego's 'Failures of Governance'

Ms. Cavanaugh put on another great show that explored the governance failures in San Diego. Her guests clearly explained that San Diego has many problems and that cheating its employees out of their retirement benefits is just one of many frauds perpetrated by the rabid right Republicans that disgrace and plunder our community.

I hope that Ms. Cavanaugh will have more guests that speak truth against the malignant AM radio propagandist hate mongers. And it would be great if these two guests were invited back before the next local elections.

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Spillover Violence From Mexico's Drug Cartels: How Real Is It?

The use of Glen Beck as a content source immediately offends listeners of KPBS radio and his association with a “news story” violates any sense of credibility a story might have. KPBS reporters and editors should know by now that Glen Beck is a disreputable hysteric who uses malignant propaganda as the primary tool in his ‘reeducation camp’ of fabricated diatribes.

Glen Beck is the antithesis of the type of information and news expected from KPBS. In keeping with the “Where News Matters” motto, it is very important that such posturing characters as Beck always be called to task in a clear and decisive manner that unequivocally confronts his rancid misrepresentations of reality.

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What Fuels Atheism in America?

Mrs. Cavanaugh presented another of her great programs and this one was particularly insightful and appreciated.

While each of us must come to our own conclusions about “god” or the “meaning of life”, the modern “evangelical” Christianity has become invasive and dogmatic. As with other structured belief systems it demands fealty and obeisance that cloud the mind, oppress rationality, and inhibit our collective ability to correct problems confronting our nation. Consequently our society suffers from an improvident paralysis propagated by organized religion. Unfortunately religious leaders can and do use these regressive tactics to assess their effectiveness and maximize their authority over followers.

Sadly, many religions haves devolved into “Growth Industries” for intolerance and social turmoil that merely promote malignant conflict and oppressive authoritarian control.

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"No On D" Supporters File Lawsuits

Bob Kittle refuses to understand that police/fire fighter wages must be competitive otherwise officers will higher on with better paying departments. He derides officer training and experience and implies that just any "22 year old" who wants one of these jobs is magically qualified. Evidently Bob fervently believes in the "sunshine dollar wages" theory and his oppressive attitude toward public employees is malicious.

Bob Kittle appears to be the consummate right wing elitist who lacks appreciation for the careers and struggles of the middle class. Unfortunately, he continues to offend informed San Diegan's with his nasty wort like persistence and his much touted KUSI title that smacks of being an exaggerated ego wall plaque.

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Local Marines Facing Tough Fight In Afghanistan

Guest host Tom Fudge demonstrated disrespect for PRESIDENT Obama by persistently referring to PRESIDENT Obama as just "Obama". This glaring mistake by an experienced host is unacceptable and underscores the far right wing bias of this mornings program. KPBS needs to do better than this!!!

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Hot Weather Tests Firefighting Resources

Bob Kittle continues to use this program as an opportunity to spew his dis-informative and offensive propaganda! In this segment Bob Kittle derided Firefighting command decision not to use aircraft at night to fight fires. Bob thought it was just fine that the life of a firefighter be put at undue risk during these highly hazardous night flights. Bob Kittle needs to know and understand that wantonly risking a fire fighters life is unacceptable even if it feeds Bob's need for oppressed and expendable employees throughout the middle class.

Bob also seems to not understand that risking firefighting aircraft could have devastating consequences. The aircraft could crash and start another fire. This would draw emergency personnel from the original fire. Such an event would eliminate costly equipment and carelessly expend highly trained firefighters. Bob clearly harms to society through his malignant view that workers are disposable commodities.

Bob Kittle needs to be expelled from the "Editors Round Table" as he demonstrates an unrestrained compulsion to spew rancid and destructive propaganda that is void of in depth and unbiased analysis.

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Carl DeMaio And Marti Emerald Discuss City Contracting Initiative

This program was informative but Carl DeMaio’s arrogant verbosity was allowed to dominate the segment. Ms. Cavanaugh is an excellent host for These Days yet it seems her unfailing politeness unfairly yielded to DeMaio's control freak insistent “male prerogative” allowed DeMaio to unaccountably spew his oppressive hate for our middle class. Consequently DeMaio failed to answer questions and persistently ranted on with his regurgitated talking points. DeMaio should have been brought up short and have been required to substantiate his claims. Equal time should have been demanded for Marti Emerald!

There is no doubt that deconstructing Americas middle class is what DeMaio and his elitist business comrades are purposed to achieve.

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