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Comments made by DMC

UFW Will Help Jobless Americans Become Farmworkers

This campaign is very cynical. the previous comments got it right. It is ONLY about wages. The class "jobs that Amricand don't want to do" is correct but incomplete, it needs to continue ' at thes wages...). Just watch the Grapes of Wrath to see how folks are undermined by immigrants (from anywhere). Ilegal aliens cannot compete for government jobs, cannot be cops or dentists etc so they compete for jobs where the language is not an issue and they UNDERCUT the wages because they are more desperate.

ANY work wil attract folks if paid enough. If you depress the wages the jobs are less attractive. Ms. Cavanaugh ignore this and deflected callers comments into a sly question about "wage stability". Nope, instead of lettin Americans work in th field, raise th wages to $35 per hour, yoiu will get a lot of interest.

The reason immigration reform cannot go ahead is the complete dishonesty of those who ignore the legal aliens cooling their heels in the Phillippines or Latin America and instead want 10,000,000 people legalized (forget learning english etc once they are okay to stay they don't need to bother with all that) but the advocate still do not want to police the border. Amnesty AND open borders? No way.

July 12, 2010 at 5:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )