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Comments made by DSprings

The Year In San Diego Arts And Culture

Thank you for compiling this round-up. It's nice to look back at some milestones from the past year. I wish I were more than just one person with just one bank account because I would have loved to have experienced more arts and culture than I did last year, but, as it was, I enjoyed quite a few things. On the culture front, I was happy to see the groundbreaking for the New Central Library downtown and the exploration of possibilities for enhancing Balboa Park. On the arts front, I was delighted by the Pig Iron Theater's page-to-stage workshop presentation of Cankerblossom at the La Jolla Playhouse and the show of experimental puppetry in The Collector by Animal Cracker Conspiracy Puppet Company. I was glad to see two beautiful new murals created in La Jolla, one by Kim MacConnel and one by Roy McMakin. I was also excited by the Night of Dance Premieres by Emerging Choreographers/Young Choreographers' Prize competition presented by San Diego Dance Theater. One show I wish I hadn't missed was Die Roten Punkte presented at Sushi Performance and Visual Art. Besides Lux Art Institute's exhibit of Timothy Horn's work, which I loved, I was also surprised and delighted by a show of work by Richard Keely at Palomar College's Boehm Gallery. Lastly, I was highly entertained by the first and only season of Terriers, the FX show shot in San Diego. Of course, there were so many more great arts and culture highlights in 2010 and now I'm even more inspired to get out to experience the arts and culture San Diego will offer in 2011.

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FX Show 'Terriers' Canceled

I watched very episode of Terriers and what I liked about it was the opportunity to play guess-where-that-is. I've never seen the old Caltrans headquarters in Old Town, for instance, look so good. It was a great setting for the police station. Logue's charisma is always fun, but I thought Michael Raymond-James' character was weak. He shone much more in True Blood. The story lines were all over the place and not so interesting, but I still enjoyed this show much more than John from Cincinatti. (It was depressing enough that Deadwood was canceled but then to follow with JfC? Salt in the wound.) Sons of Anarchy should shoot a season in SD and then we can see if fellow "Sheild" alum Kurt Sutter can give Shawn Ryan a smackdown. Also, they should have called the show "Poodles." FX would certainly have renewed for a 2nd season in that case.

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