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Comments made by Dalpayphred

UN Warns Of Rise In Alcohol-Related Deaths

One would have to to agree alcohol is related to preventable tragedy.

Four percent of an estimated 56 million deaths per year* is a notable total of just over 2.2 million world wide. The question is how will modified behavior change these statistics. Four percent is outside the first and second standard deviations. That is to say; research knows this will happen, just not when and where.

International treaties such as the one governed by the W.H.O. allow recommendations by member nations. This provides for a curious feature within medical statistics. Those nations who culturally prohibit alcohol may comment of the deviation encountered by those who do permit consumption.
This may be considered a deliberate act to influence the policies of other nations.

By all means excessive alcohol consumption is more costly to those nations with advanced technologies. It is also a reflection of Civil Liberties.


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