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Comments made by Dan

Roundtable: I-5 Widening Option Chosen

San Diego has a unique situation with its existing resources much under utilized. At this time it doesn’t look like expansion has the patrons to warrant one. Moreover, currently existing public transportation is expensive for the public and the authorities.

Most people have never had the opportunity to use public transportation in San Diego. I was forced to use public transportation as a matter of necessity sometime ago, because my car broke. Now, I occasionally leave my car at home and use public transportation due to gasoline prices. The only hope for most of us is that public transportation will become efficient and not expensive to abandon our cars completely.

I am of the opinion that more people will use public transportation if they were to be introduced to it. Therefore, I will recommend that MTDB introduce a once a month free public transportation day in San Diego (last Friday of each month or any other day in regular interval for few years). Rid for FREE on all buses, trolleys, and coaster in San Diego. I will guaranty you that they will increase regular ridership substantially and maybe be able to also reduce fair price to the public.

July 8, 2011 at 7:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )