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Comments made by DanaEyraud

Public Broadcasting Legend Huell Howser Dies

The sad passing of Mr. Huell Howser... Well, I suppose that's ONE giant wish on my bucket list that will never be fulfilled now. I don't know about you, but I often wonder how many other people, besides me, frequently dreamed of going on a road trip with Huell to some "off the beaten path" destination in California? For me, it was a huge dream. Oh... what fun we would have had! Never in my life have I seen a man with a bigger love of the world around him and this incredible golden state that he called home. I respected the love that Mr. Howser carried in his heart for California and how he carried that same love into our homes week after week, for so many years. The love Mr. Howser showed for this great state is the same sort of unabashed love that I carry for California too! It warmed my soul to see another person who, like me, could get so excited over California poppies or even something as obscure as lint art. His heart was so big and his mind so full of his God given talents. This made his ability to share with others, so incredibly vast and seem almost endless. Today, Mr. Howser started on a new journey. I can see him now... in awe of everything he sees, touches and finds in Heaven. I bet his soul is just brimming with love, joy and enthusiasm. I can not begin to tell you how much we will miss him nor explain in words how much his shows touched our family's hearts and lives. Huell had this way of making you feel right at home, even through the TV screen. This evening, my family and I grieve as if we lost a precious family member. Because, family is what he made you feel like, every time you tuned it. What will we do without our Huell? No doubt, there are millions here in our golden state who feel the same way as we do this evening. Truly, we have all lost the biggest treasure that California will ever know... we have lost Huell Howser. He WAS California's Gold! Only God knows the time, way and hour in which we will pass. But, surely as the sun set this evening and it will rise over our shining golden state tomorrow, he made all of us his family in some way and a part of Huell will live on forever through each of us. He is a man who made a difference. Huell, your shows taught more than just taking the time to smell the roses and seeing the beauty in the world around us. Your shows taught more, much more... kindness, sharing, consideration, manners, respect and unconditional love for all. Mr. Howser, you were a true gentleman, a commodity, which in this old world seems harder and harder to find. Someday, when I go to Heaven, I can think of no better man to help inspire me, guide me and show me the awesome and wonderful sites of God's Heavenly creations than Mr. Huell Howser! Hope to see ya then, Huell. Till then, God bless and we'll see ya later.

Sincerely, one of your biggest and most devoted fans... Dana Eyraud

January 7, 2013 at 9 p.m. ( | suggest removal )