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Comments made by Dave

Allocating More Money For Fire Protection

In listening to the topic of more tax money for firefighters my mind immediatley turned negative rightfully so or not. The thoughts that came to mind:

(1) Firefighters as well as other public servants are a part of the massive retirement buy out scheme which is having a major detrimental affect on the budget
(2) Through out the years the answer has always been more taxes. However inevitibly the tax increase never seems to solve the problems. It is like taking the windfalls and finding somewhere else to spend the money. As in this case a "new" bureaucracy will be established to "monitor" the spending of these addtional taxes...but...there is no mandate that these funds must be allocated solely to the Fire Dept. and then another question comes up...where is the fire dept. deficit. Is it personnel, equipment, buildings? What is the added revenue expected to solve.
(3) In general until the political forces can get their spending under control without catering to the powerful and the minorities, how can the average taxpayer feel comfortable offering more with no guarantees.

Fix all the existing broken financial aspects of city and county government without taking on new pet projects and then, maybe, the support would be there.

July 25, 2010 at 2:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )