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Comments made by Davewayoutwest

Bonnie Dumanis Says She'll Offer Leadership On Issues Facing San Diego

Trust, and ethical behavior, are both prominent characteristics claimed by Ms. Dumanis. Voters deserve information in that regard. Although I am not a city resident, I did work for Bonnie Dumanis while she was a judge in Superior Court. She will remember me, and this incident. For reasons not clear, while presiding over Drug Court,she leveled charges against me including "poor performance," and "not a team player," etc. When my supervisor told me Judge Dumanis had leveled these "charges" against me, I told her the complaint was trumped up, demonstrably false, and that I would fight them, providing evidence and witnesses as to the truth of my position. Hours later, my supervisor (who can confirm this narrative) approached me and said Judge Dumanis said she now would withdraw the complaint if I would agree to not work in her court. I know I should have insisted on a hearing as this was an obvious ethics violation on the Judge's part that should never be tolerated. One doesn't expect a sitting judge who has taken an oath to violate that oath in such a cavalier manner, and, in addition, had this "railroad" attempt succeeded, I could have been severely reprimanded or lost my job. Instead, I did return to Felony Presiding where I worked 12 more years and last year won an ABCD award for performance Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. In my experience working for her, Bonnie Dumanis will do what it takes to get what she wants, and will not let something like professional behavior, or ethics, get in her way.
Unfortunately, as D.A., her deputies often reflected this same attitude. Case #SCD274694 is an example. One of two individuals in an assault was charged by the D.A. as the attacker, in spite of overwhelming physical and DNA evidence that he was the victim, not the attacker. The D.A. not only continued prosecution of the young man, but when he refused to accept a plea deal to ADW and demanded a trial, the D.A. upped the ante by adding the greater charge of attempted murder (which had potential exposure of 7 years in state prison). As usually happens, the man eventually blinked, and accepted a deal that included no jail time, and an agreement by the D.A that the charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor after 18 months on probation. This is all public record, available at the El Cajon courthouse. Police reports and D.A. investigator reports should be as well. Attempted murder is suddenly a misdemeanor? No, it's just a weapon the D.A. uses to get a conviction, at any price. Professionalism and ethics are most important in a mayor. In this case, in this election - You be the Judge.

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