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Comments made by HarryStreet

Faulconer, Gloria Say City Business Will Continue Amid Allegations

Would Gloria and Faulconer resign under similar conditions? Of course not. This has to play out in the media and courts. Amid this circus I want Gloria, Frye, Faulconer, Gonzalez and others close to Filner to explain why now?

They've known Filner for years and have supported him all this time. What did he finally do to help them come forward? If they think they're saving the Democratic Party and their careers they are dead wrong. Everyone is going to want to know why Filner was allowed to behave this way for so many years unhindered. I've paid attention to our city politics since coming of age to vote and never heard of his behavior until now. The people calling on Filner to resign will be held accountable for standing by and doing nothing. Not only is the Democratic Party in San Diego tarnished, so are your careers along with Filner's.

....Still want justice now?

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Poll: Obama's Job Approval Slips In California

You can get a poll to deliver any results you want by formulating the questions. So what?

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California Seeks Firms To Scout High-Speed Rail Route

I'll believe it when I see it. The auto industry, tire industry, oil companies and the like are going to fight tooth and nail to keep us from having a metro system similar to Europe. They want cars in every driveway and a rail system will eliminate that need.

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Former Communications Director Sues Filner For Harassment

I want justice to prevail, but not at my expense. Suing the city of San Diego means we foot the bill for Jackson and others to become millionaires if they win. And make no mistake, their case is a long-shot. Without credible evidence the jury will be forced to rely on he-said, she-said stories. I believe Filner is probably guilty, but I don't believe we, the taxpayers, should be financially liable for a city official's personal behavior. We have a right to expect city workers to behave professionally at all times. If they deviate from this behavior, then they should be financially liable for it. Leave us out of it.

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Dueling Rallies To Support, Recall Mayor Bob Filner Scheduled

Among the many sad things about this mess is the realization that Filner may, and likely will continue to be mayor. Innocent or not, Filner is not stupid enough to resign and pay for his legal troubles out of his own pocket. Secondly, many people do not know how difficult it is to win a sexual harassment case. What we are missing here is evidence. We've seen nothing. Only bold, harsh accusations, but no evidence. Filner knows this, too. Even if this goes to trial unless the accusers can actually prove Filner's guilt he will be proclaimed innocent.

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Roundtable: Mayor Filner's Bad Week, Part II

Frye, Gonzalez, and others should be embarassed over how they've handled this issue. As members of government they are sworn to support the law and due process for each and every citizen. Sure, they can ask Filner to resign, but who would actually do so other than Richard Nixon? They bear some responsibility in this public fiasco. They've known Filner for years. How could they naively believe he would step down?

I would like to see him go because I know he cannot overcome this embarassment and continue to lead as mayor. But if the persons accusing him of harassment fail or refuse to press formal charges, we should all be disturbed over how a person(s) can bring down another with accusations only. Due process, however long and costly it will be is the only way to move forward now.

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Democratic Chair: If Allegations Are True, Filner Should Resign

Barazza is correct! These are TALES about the mayor. Until formal charges are made and the case brought to court for trial and execution, Filner is innocent. Pure and simple.

It unnerves me to see how we expect a person, however disliked, to step down without due process. The same will be asked of all of us eventually. Bob Filner will not resign. He will have to be tried and convicted and forced out. This way he is protected by taxpayer dollars paying for his defense. As for his legacy as mayor, that's over and done with. He won't be able to get anything done, and what little is accomplished will be overshadowed by this scandal.

Todd Gloria, Donna Frye, Lorena Gonzalez and other Democratic Party members calling on Filner to resign will soon have to answer for their years of silence. Do they expect us to believe they are only now learning of Bob Filner's inappropriate treatment of women? Like it or not, you have your own damage control to work on now.

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Rally Called First Step In Recall Of Mayor Bob Filner

Unlike scandals plaguing other politicians, Bob Filner is faced with the fact his closest friends and allies in his own party want him to step down. They support the 'alleged victims' who have yet to present their case and file former charges. Things don't look good for Filner, and all this done without the GOP getting involved.

A lot of us are wondering why people so close to Bob Filner are choosing to come forward with hearsay. Donna Frye, Todd Gloria, Lorena Gonzalez and many others have known him for years. Are we to believe they only now learned of these accusations and poor behavior on Filner's part? The more they scream for Filner to resign the more this appears to be a witchhunt.

If there is credible evidence against Bob Filner for sexual harassment, file charges and follow due process. Yes, it's a longer haul than if Bob Filner would simply resign. Thing is, no one would do that. Not even you or I in similar circumstances. If Filner resigned it would be seen as an admission of guilt versus his inability to lead our city, and he clearly cannot lead our city after all this bru ha ha.

It should still be a little unnerving for all of us to see how, thus far, hearsay and baseless accusations can bring down a person, any person, however much he or she is disliked. If due process can be circumvented for Filner, the same can and will be done to each of us.

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Allegations Against Filner Reach National Stage

As of late Friday July 19 the 'alleged victims' have not filed formal charges of sexual harassment against Bob Filner. California State law allows accusers to remain anonymous and we understand why. However, if they have credible evidence they need to file charges with their lawyer. Otherwise these accusations are hearsay, nothing more.

I believe Filner is likely guilty of the charges. He admitted mistreating persons around him, including bullying and intimidating. This behavior likely led to him sexually assaulting women by groping and kissing them. He figured he was untouchable, never lost a political race, and the person who all San Diegans wanted for the job of mayor.

If he resigns he knows he'll have to fight the charges on his own dime and time as a civilian. If he fights them as mayor it'll be up to the city attorney general to defend him, and what a circus that will be. All this at our expense.

I am disappointed in Donna Frye, Lorena Gonzalez, Todd Gloria, and other supporters of Filner. They've known Bob Filner for years and Donna admitted his actions have been known by people around him for years, too. Does Donna Frye exclude herself from this group? Lorena Gonzalez has been involved in political activities with Bob Filner for years as well. I recall how she and Filner were arrested while pushing for better union contracts for workers at Del Mar. Is all this inappropriate behavior only now coming to her attention?

These type questions will overshadow any search for justice for the 'alleged' victims, who will remain 'alleged' until formal charges are brought forward, and their cases heard in court. If they are delaying filing charges while putting together their case, I'm okay with that. But if they are delaying because they have nothing more than their word against Filner, you needn't bother to file anything at all. No one will find Filner guilty of harassment without actual 'proof.' Proof as in photographs, witnesses, signed statements, confessions, physical evidence of assault, etc. Can you imagine if Filner was to be found guilty without credible evidence and removed from office? The same action could happen to any one of us despite innocence or guilt.

The honorable thing for Filner to do would be to resign. For financial and legal protection, that is not on the table. He's challenging the accusers to come forward because he (Filner) knows there is no credible evidence. There are no records with the police of any assault in any form against Bob Filner. This makes him (Filner) not only presumed innocent until found guilty, but just plain innocent.

The only victory the accusers will have is the knowledge Bob Filner's legacy will be tarnished with scandalous, and unfounded sexual harassment charges that crippled his ability to lead the city. Nothing will get done, and what little that does the credit will be directed to someone other than Filner.

Oh yeah! This is how it's going to play out.

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Choice Of Napolitano As UC President Gets Mixed Response From Immigrant Advocates

Doesn't some of the responsibility for immigration reform fall on Third World nations for their failure to provide stable economies and a way of life satisfying enough to deter its citizens from seeking a better life elsewhere?

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