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Comments made by DavidAbramson

County Registrar Saw 'Tremendous' Amount Of Fake Write-In Votes Yesterday

I believe that voting is important, and is one of our few ways to be part of the democracy that we live in. However, corporations are quick to buy our elected officials, whether they are democrats or republicans. You need to look no further than who is financing the campaigns of our elected officials, who have a history of returning the favor to donors once they are elected. Check out:

Also see this video discussing corporate spending in this current election:

Perhaps the growing number of write-ins and low voter turnout is really a trend in our lack of faith in electoral politics that will bring change that will benefit the people. I tend to agree...thoughts?

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Another Balboa Park Proposal To Be Unveiled

Funshe, while I believe you that the architect is probably one of the best, I disagree that the goals and desires of the people of San Diego are being met in this plan. The plan calls for the destruction of the World Beat Center and the Cultural Center de la Raza, which are two of the most important cultural buildings in all of San Diego.

When I have talked to people in public to let them know what will happen to these two cultural centers if this plan goes through, most people are anywhere from surprised to enraged and had no idea that this was part of the plan. From what I understand, the city has only begun to "protest" the plan after receiving a lot of concerned calls from San Diegans.

I believe that there is a way that development of Balboa Park can continue without eliminating these two very important buildings and all options need to be considered, but my guess is that people will not stand for the destruction of these important cultural buildings.


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Another Balboa Park Proposal To Be Unveiled

This article is a bit misleading by saying "Preservationists object to the city's plan for Plaza de Panama and Plaza de California because it requires the construction of a bypass bridge that they believe will ruin the character of the west entrance to Balboa Park. Many also oppose a parking garage that would be built near the Spreckels Organ Pavilion."


These are two of the most important cultural centers in all of San Diego. Please follow the link to help save the WBC and CCDLR! Thanks

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Autistic Adults Present A Growing Care Dilemma

We are lucky to live in San Diego where there are many different programs and services for people with Autism. I know several people with Autism in the area that have done independent and supported living programs with groups like New Pathways and others. Check it out:

Great article. We need to raise Autism awareness and provide the opportunities that allow them to succeed!

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