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Comments made by David Lucero

Union Leaders, Congressional Reps Say Sequestration's Time Is Up

It is a crying shame our political leaders cannot agree on anything at a time when so many Americans are suffering. Democrats and Republicans talk about compromise, yet neither side does. They come up with billions in foreign and military aid, yet we can't pay teachers to educate our children and have to close some national parks.

Just what is the plan? The largest retailers no longer want full-time workers in order to save on health benefits and pay. Even if the government eased back on business taxes and the like, there is little reason for any of us to believe companies will do the right thing by paying employees living wages. Remember the scene in 'It's A Wonderful Life,' when James Stewart tells Mr. Potter how if people live better it makes them better customers.

So what are we to do? Resign ourselves to a lifetime of part-time work, higher-education costs, higher gas costs, higher food costs, etc.? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

How would our political leaders like it if they didn't get paid, or worse, earned only part-time work for their poor performance while we all wait for things to get done. I personally, have been fortunate to stay employed, but with a pay cut. I know plenty of people still looking for work and the prospects are dim. As I near the age of 50 I can't remember a time I have ever been more concerned about our future than now. God forbid we have to live in fear of the unknown much longer.

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Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

When it comes to being harassed the responsibility to come forward falls on the shoulders of those harassed, not the witnesses. In my experience I have witnessed coworkers receive what I believed, and still do, to have been unfair treatment, even harassment. I encouraged the coworker to speak up and see higher persons in authority to address the issue. They refused. When I mentioned it to a supervisor the supervisor approached my coworker, but he (yes, he was a man) refused to talk about it. The supervisor correctly said he could not move forward with an investigation if the alleged victim refused to assist. The harasser did get wind of what was happening and stopped, but no official documentation ever went into his file and he ended up getting promoted despite all that happened.

Bottom line, the persons being harassed have to come forward. We can encourage them, but without them doing the talking it is a longer road to finding justice. Please bear in mind, this is only one experience I am referring to. It does not mean all other experiences are null and void. I mention this because some of the comments here are taken the wrong way.

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Poll: Three In Four San Diegans Want Filner To Resign

Pas Dep has a good point, but seeing how Filner's own camp and employees are the ones to first come forward I don't think this is a sabotage effort by the opposite party. It looks to me like the women working close with him reached the breaking point and found the need to come forward. This encouraged others who wanted to, but never did. Strength develops when people are united, and that's what it took. I admit, Filner's arguing with the DA and his disagreements with the hoteliers would have provided a great underlying reason for them to sandbag Filner. But the person suing him was a former supporter and employee.

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Political Watchers Say The Silence Of Insiders Enabled Filner

Accusing persons for looking the other way is not the direction here. Peking Duck brings up a good point. And I disagree with the statement how we have not gotten far from the Mad Men-era in regard to sexual harassment. We've made leaps and bounds.

Unfortunately, when a person in office with the power and influence Filner has had for years commits sexual harassment and intimidates others, there are some who will not want to become involved and even those harassed will refuse to come forward. In truth, it is extremely difficult to prove harassment. If the accusers had come one at a time when the events took place the focus on Filner's actions would have been side-stepped by a conference he held announcing a big move on the city agenda. Each alleged victim would be seen as an isolated incident that may or may not have happened. We've had and witnessed so many frivolous lawsuits against people that it would have been easy for Filner's team to paint accusers as rabble-rousers, or persons who would have been better off allowing Filner to accost them.

The fact they are coming together now, however ironic it seems, is the best way it could have been to bring Filner to justice. Now the alleged victims have credibility because Filner's track record is working against him. His own people have jumped ship, and most of San Diego is disgusted with him.

...All we need now is for him to resign or be removed from office. I don't care if he resigns or waits for the recall. So long as he goes the better off we will be.

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Filner Recall Organizers Pallamary, Corbin Will Combine Efforts

I know this recall effort will cost us millions, but it's the right thing to do. Imagine sitting back and allowing Filner to remain in office of mayor for the next 3-1/2 years. Our support of this recall will demonstrate to the nation San Diego cares about how our city leaders conduct themselves, and we support women as equals in the workforce.

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City Attorneys Warn Mayor's Chief Of Staff

This should be no surprise coming from Filner's camp. He is a man who will stop at nothing to protect himself. He knows his reputation will forever be tarnished by this, so now his main goal is to protect his finances. If our city loses, and the evidence clearly indicates we will, San Diegans should not have to foot the bill. We do not, nor have we ever, expected a person holding the office of mayor to behave as Filner has. He and he alone is responsible for his actions and should thus be held financially liable.

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Filner's Attorney: City Failed To Provide Mayor With Sexual Harassment Training

Can anyone imagine the outcry if we actually have to pay for his lawyer's fees?

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Former San Diego COO: Mayor's Office Canceled Harassment Training

The harassment training Filner refers to is not the form of training that would have taught him right from wrong. That would have come from his parents when growing up. In today's workplace we've all gone through sexual harassment training, or some form of it. It's the law. I do not recall any part of the training stating:

1) Don't put a women in a headlock and whisper sexual innuendos in her ear.
2) Don't force kisses on women
3) Don't grope them

I agree with a statement from his lawyer that not everyone understands what sexual harassment is in the eyes of the law. However, Filner's actions go beyond that and his history of harassment is his own fault and shame.

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Filner To Pay His Own Expenses For Paris Trip

Another irresponsible act by Filner. Paying back the money does not lift him of being careless. Based on the way he's been running the office, I'll bet he didn't bother checking simply because he believes the mayor can do whatever he wants.

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Author Says Peña Nieto Drug War Strategy Is More Of The Same

Seems to me if the U.S. and Mexico worked with the common goal of actually 'winning' the war on drugs instead of one-upping each other, maybe then we would see some change. Trouble is our judicial systems are so different that the right hand never knows what the left is doing, and the drug cartel continues to get powerful while we, the people (on both sides of the border) suffer.

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