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Comments made by David Lucero

Filner's Attorney: City Failed To Provide Mayor With Sexual Harassment Training

A slick move from his attorney, and one to be expected from a person specializing in employee rights.

It is the responsibility of leaders to seek out the training they need in order to perform their job up to expectations. Saying, "I didn't know any better," is not an argument. Saying, "I was not trained," is not an argument. It is not unreasonable for us to expect a mayor to seek out the required training and complete it on his/her recognize within the required timeframe (6 months I understand).

This move clearly indicates Filner knows he will not hold onto the mayor's office, so he plans to have the taxpayers foot his bill as payback. At his age what does he care what we think. He's a millionnaire and will do everything necessary to hold onto his money. He knows his 'vision' for San Diego' will never be fulfilled now, and we're going to pay for it, too.

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City Of San Diego's Recall Process May Be Unconstitutional

Another example of how persons in office can get away with crime. Our political system should not be so complicated to allow incumbents to continue to hold office when in fact they have proven to be contrary to the position they hold.

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"Think Local First" Campaign Pushes To Keep Sales Tax Revenue In Local Communities

This is a great article on why and how we can promote business in our neighborhood and community. I met with Michael Meacham who works for the City of Chula Vista, and he arranged for an event at our store in Eastlake Design District (our store is Pacific Sales). This has helped bring community awareness for our business unit in ways that go beyond words of appreciation. Remember, when you buy local you are keeping your community alive and well!

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Filner's Lawyer Asking For City To Pay Lawsuit Fees

I understand from a statement issued by Jan Goldsmith, seeing how the sexual harassment behavior is not in line with the role of mayor, the city is not obligated to pay for any monetary settlements. In fact, if there are, the city may sue Filner for repayment. I'd hate to see us pay for his treatment and lawyer fees.

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Former Filner Intern: Mayor's Staff Witnessed Alleged Harassment

The entire nation is following this story because the media loves a good scandal. It's good for ratings. I have to admit I've never been this glued to this type of subject since Clinton-Lewinsky or the Iran-Contra Affair.

I understand why people close to Filner never came forward until now. Unless persons who have been sexually harassed and/or intimidated come forward to officially press charges, then we only have 'rumors' to go on. And rumors cannot bring justice the way formal charges and due process can. Although rumors usually lead to hidden truths, it's formal charges and evidence we need to rely on.

I'm disappointed our judicial system will make us wait a year and a half before it reaches court. Under the circumstances the dockets should be emptied and this brought to trial now. Our city cannot possibly move forward with Filner in office. Do they expect us to sit back and wait nearly two years for a decision to be rendered by the court?

Filner has admitted guilt! A doctor specializing in therapy Filner claims to seek has stated it could be up to ten years of therapy for a patient. What does Filner think two weeks will do? With everyone (especially his friends and democratic party) leaving him, his psychological state of mind will only grow worse, leaving him in a more unfit way to lead the city. It's obviously not about his vision for San Diego at this point. That ship has sailed. He's trying to salvage his legacy in politics. A man of his experience should know there are certain things a person cannot rebound from. What he is going through right now is one of them.

Step down, Bob. You've done enough.

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San Diego Author Profiles Forgotten Civil War Hero

Our nation is very lucky for the outcome of the Civil War. This particular battle still strikes a chord with me and I make a point of watching historical movies depicting events leading up and through this battle. Still amazes me how the soldiers of both sides were disciplined enough to march single fire through a hail of gunfire right up to the Union Army's position (some actually made it, but were repelled). As a veteran myself I'm glad to see how our training has improved our chances of survival.

What the medical doctors and injured and dying, not to forget nurses, went through was nothing short of miraculous. Men would lose entire limbs from a single shot (a large .50 caliber round ball!). Aside from this book you can learn a lot from Ken Burns' Civil War and the classic Civil War Journal. Along with the book mentioned here you will learn a lot about this subject.

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Coronado-Based Author Wins Literary Award

Congratulations, Maggie! Looks like you're off to a great career. I'm sure we'll be hearing more of you.

David Lucero, author of 'Who's Minding the Store' and 'THE SANDMAN'

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