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Comments made by DavidLundin

Balboa Park Centennial Committee Members Apologize For Failure

Balboa Park Celebration, Inc., debacle update for this morning, March 26:

This afternoon's 1:30 PM City Council Committee hearing should be interesting. Gerry Braun, the well-paid "Transition Director" for BPCI, and all BPCI Board members are "not available" to appear at the public hearing. Busy planning spectacular Centennial events ? Or consulting with their lawyers ?

I am carving out the time, and no one is paying me to do so. Hope YOU can also attend to let the political leaders and the Press know you give a damn. Participate as a speaker if you wish.

Hope to see many of you at the City Administration Building, 12th floor about 1 PM.

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Balboa Park Centennial Committee Members Apologize For Failure

This "Apology" from Nikki Clay and her fellow BPCI Board members is a joke.

BPCI, its Board and its current "Transition Director" Gerry Braun continue to assert taxpayer-funded BPCI is not subject to the California Public Records Act. BPCI continues to refuse to promptly disclose business and accounting records.

Braun will not participate in an open Press conference. No Board member will testify before the San Diego City Council.

We have done six different Public Records Act Requests to BPCI and the City. Now that BPCI is no longer represented by legal counsel, Gerry Braun seems to be engaging in the unlawful practice of law and is representing BPCI in the legal dispute over the production of records. This morning [24 March] he wrote:

" BPCI does not share your view that it is an entity covered by the California Public Records Act. Nonetheless, it is reviewing your request for a response. BPCI will need an additional 14 days to determine if it can comply. The records BPCI needs to consult to make that determination are not readily available.
As you are aware, BPCI is in the process of gathering and organizing its records for transferal to the City of San Diego for purposes outlined it [SIC] the Memorandum of Understanding with the City."

NOTE, Braun is not asking for 14 days to produce documents, but for an additional 14 days [in addition to the 10 under the California statute] to "determine IF it [BPCI] can comply." So after 14 days plus the statutory 10 [24 days total of delay], he would then say they can't comply. We have had enough of this fellow's delaying tactics and misrepresentations, so we declined his request.

The BPCI Board, all "warm and fuzzy" and talking nice to KPBS over the weekend, still take the position BPCI is not subject to the California Public Records Act, and is doing all it can to delay the production of any additional records. Nikki Clay and her Board members continue to attempt to play "hide the ball" with the facts and the documents. Their "Apology" is part of a transparent effort to both delay the day of reckoning, and to deflect the blame for their breeches of the public trust upon others.

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