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Comments made by DavidSecorforCongress

Cost Benefit Analysis Underway At San Onofre

SDG&E, Sempra, SCE and their corporate and bankster co-conspirators have been waging war on ratepayers for years. The time has come for we, the ratepayers, to form our own non-profit ratepayer-owned utility and free ourselves from the control of those corporations, or what congressman Hunter calls "people" (Hunter says corporations are people!).

Communities all over the county will be combining to form this new power generating utility. We will be emphasizing residential, business and parking cover solar and small residential and business rooftop vertical-axis wind turbines to generate power. For any excess power a resident or business sends to the grid they will be paid at the retail rate.

In Congress, I will see to it that the millions in incentives and subsidies go to the people, not the corporations ruining our East County with massive horizontal wind turbine "farms" which are not needed, are dangerous to people and the environment, and greatly increase the danger of devastating fires,particularly in times of Santa Ana winds. Support my campaign. Visit

If you want change in Washington you must change who you send to Washington.

August 31, 2012 at 9:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )