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Comments made by Dawna55

Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

Prison dentistry is awful: tooth removal only
I served on a jury recently where prison dentistry and other prison conditions were important. I learned that the only dental care provided in CA prisons is tooth removal. No fillings, x-rays, root canals or other care are provided. If an inmate has a tooth ache they have to decide if they want to lose the tooth or not; those are the options. If they go to the dentist, they're in shackles, hands and feet. It isn't a party in there.
Three Strikes doesn't work well and needs Reform:
Our prisons have lots of people with 3 strikes, and the accompanying inflexible sentences. Three strikes in CA was supposed to be for serious crimes. The strikes in CA can be for ANY felony, including felony petty theft for stealing something worth less than $400. The third strike gets the person 25 years to life. They can get two of these sentences so they're serving 50 or 75 years. The people making decisions for early release end up letting out people like Phillip Craig Garrido, while the person in for cocaine possession or petty theft with a 3 strike sentence stays in.
Releasing the wrong people is expensive too.
In 2010, Phillip Craig Garrido's victims were awarded $20 million dollars from the state of CA. I think they deserve some money but it is too bad that it came from California taxpayers. We need to reform 3 strikes so sensible decisions can be made to release the least risky people.

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