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Comments made by DeLaRick

Will Obama Send Military Special Forces To Iraq?


Obama is guilty of not articulating the facts and repercussions to the people. Bush's administration is 100% responsible for the war and the destablization of the Middle East. Bush's administration turned a police action into war; wasted $1 trillion; created a new generation of wounded soldiers; helped Osama Bin Laden achieve 75% of his goals; and most importantly, set our country on a permanent war footing which has resulted in the militarization of all aspects of American life. It doesn't matter if you agree or not. That's how history will record it.

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Will Obama Send Military Special Forces To Iraq?


That theory is right up there with "the U.S. will be treated as liberators and Iraq will be stable in 6 months." The only thing which has been proven is that our military misadventure into Iraq has been an unmitigated disaster.

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Will Obama Send Military Special Forces To Iraq?

Why are disadvantaged Americans denied help by their government because of limited resources but there are unlimited resources for Iraq and other countries?

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Young Undocumented Immigrants Begin Renewing Deferred Action Permits

I'm sure the Asian community will be relieved to know progressivebuthey approves of them. Just another form of bigotry by a bigot. But, hey!

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Tony Gwynn, 'Mr. Padre,' Dies At 54

There's a small plaza in Havana called "La Esquina Caliente," which means "The Hot Corner" in Spanish, where baseball-crazed Cubans debate their national team and the finer points of the game from sunrise to sunset. They are very knowledgeable and know more about American baseball than most Americans.

The first time I visited La Esquina Caliente, there were about 25 guys debating whether or not their national team's shortstop should step aside for a younger player. I made my way to the center of the group just in time to say that their shortstop was still very good and could play for most Major League teams. Half the group disagreed and they asked me who I rooted for. They laughed when I said the Padres, with a few cackling that the Yankees had swept the Padres in 4 games just 2 months earlier. They kept giving me the business until one of them simply said, "Tony Gwynn." Those two words were enough to change the topic from how lousy the Padres had been historically to how great Tony Gwynn was. We talked about how he was going to get his 3000th hit soon and how he could hit any pitcher anytime. We sang his praises for a few more minutes until the conversation changed back to Cuba's shortstop.

That story is shorthand for what Tony Gwynn meant to baseball in general and San Diego in particular: He was our very own baseball legend and kept the Padres from being laughingstocks. "RIP Tony, we all will miss you." Indeed.

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Obama Rules Out Troops In Iraq, But Says U.S. Weighing Other Options

Take whatever is valuable and get the heck out. Iraq is on the long list of this nation's military fiascoes.

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San Diego County Turnout Just 20 Percent

"What's required for democracy to work the way the Founders envisioned it is an involved and informed electorate. We sure don't have that in San Diego!"

Not disagreeing with your post, but I want to add that the Founders didn't "envision" voting for slaves or women. The Founders laid the groundwork but had absolutely no idea what constitutes a TRUE democracy. They couldn't see life beyond their own self-interests.

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San Diego Refugees, Advocates Call For More Medical Translators


Yes, the immigrants (non-English speakers) have a responsibility to learn English and American customs as soon as possible so that they may better interact with their new countrymen/neighbors. In the meantime, efforts should be made to help them assimilate. The process doesn't have to be drastic. I believe it's okay if the process takes a few years. Helping them makes us great. Ignoring their needs makes us weak. I agree with you that there are job opportunities here.

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San Diego Refugees, Advocates Call For More Medical Translators

Everyone deserves to be understood. We should do everything possible to ease communication between different groups of people regardless of bias and bigotry.

June 10, 2014 at 4:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Summer Food Program Aims To End Food Insecurity For San Diego Children

Any Human Being: "Hi, Muckapoo. Lovely day we're havin'."

Muckapoo: "I hate Mexicans!"

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