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Downtown Tijuana Stages A Revival


It's best to have a gun ANYTIME you're defending yourself in mortal combat, especially in the home. Absolutely! It's also true that most gun violence occurs simply because a gun was available at the time of an avoidable dispute where no one's life was in peril until the gun was brandished. We're reasonable human beings. We find a balance.

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Downtown Tijuana Stages A Revival


Let's leave the gun thing alone. My point about not being rowdy relates to cbs151's point about having realistic expectations and being a good guest. Let me highly recommend something to you that might expand your view on Americans' expectations for travelling abroad and how we project our values onto others. There's a segment called "14e Arrondissement" in the movie "Paris, je t-aime." The segment's director is Alexander Payne (enough said); it's lead actress is Margo Martindale (enough said). It might not be your cup of tea, but it's a high-minded, artistic meditation on how we view ourselves in the world ... and that view's sad reality.

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Downtown Tijuana Stages A Revival


Who said anything about getting drunk? My favorite beverage in Mexico is ice-cold hibiscus tea. (I'm not a rowdy person, man. That's why I don't need a gun to feel safe.) For someone who alleges to know people who live in Mexico, your opinions on Mexico can be shallow. Mexico is much, much more than the places you listed. Wouldn't you laugh at a Mexican who claimed to know everything about the United States after only visiting Disneyland and Manhattan?

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Downtown Tijuana Stages A Revival


I don't agree with your views but I respect them. Mexico doesn't need your, or anyone else's, seal of approval. As I've said before, completely dismissing an entire country and culture based on uninformed value judgments is poor form. I wasn't belittling JM. I'm curious as to what criteria he was applying to support his views other than the same ol' biased rhetoric. If you truly are a world traveler, you would know that Mexico is a favored vacation desination around the planet. That's an objective fact.

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Downtown Tijuana Stages A Revival


Too bad you'll never know the pleasure of sipping a tasty beverage in San Miguel Allende or the Zocalo in downtown Oaxaca. Any worldly traveler who reads this will know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm curious. Where do you vacation or relax? Been anywhere?

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Report: Chinese Site May Show Plane Debris Images


The Chinese don't shoot first then ask questions. I believe they are giving the Malaysians enough room and time to save face, which is very important in that part of the world.

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Migrant ‘Dreamers’ Seek To Enter US At San Diego Border


Finally! An expert. Do you think the PRI will suffer negative consequences from the Reforma Politica or Energetica? What about the PAN's Comite Ejecutivo Nacional? Do you see any promising players there? Do you think Malova is already a lame duck in Sinaloa?

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Feinstein: CIA Improperly Searched Computer Network

I can't believe Dianne Feinstein didn't blame the Iranians then threaten to bomb them. Is she well?

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Migrant ‘Dreamers’ Seek To Enter US At San Diego Border

Why are the comments about Mexico always so friggin' stale and reactionary? Saying a culture is "irrational" is lame. (Soooo grateful for the cultural insight!) All bigotry, no substance.

When you share the bottom rungs of a labor market with a neighboring country, both countries must do everything it can to facilitate cross-border traffic so that workers can traverse any socio-economic gradients. The border gates at San Ysidro and Otay are embarassing. If they were improved along with our work permit/guest worker programs, many Mexicans would live in Tijuana and commute to San Diego. I know a few Americans who would live in Tijuana if border traffic improved. As for me, I'm happy to not pay $12 for a head of lettuce.

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Los Angeles Plays Host To California Democratic Party Convention

If the elections were held tomorrow, Hillary Clinton would win pulling away. Duck wins the argument by TKO. I wonder what ultra-patriotic group will form at 12:01PM on January 20, 2017.

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