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Comments made by DeanAllan

Rattlesnakes Common Year-Round In San Diego County

It is worth having a look at a website by an organization called Working with Wildlife at if there is a chance that you could come into contact with snakes in your area. They provide information and resources on snakes, their actions when they come into contact with people and things you can do to reduce the chances of being bitten by one. Best of all you can download snake bite first aid instructions from their site free of charge - it is a really good site on this topic.

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Living with Rattlesnakes


I have been reading this article with interest from Australia and thought I would send you through some information that may be of interest to your readers

I do the bookkeeping for a gentleman in South Australia by the name of Geoff Coombe. Geoff has been presenting Snake Awareness and Snake Handling presentations in Australia and around the world for many years now and his whole focus is on making people aware of why snakes act and react in the way that they do and what we can do to reduce the chance of being bitten by them.

His website is at and he has two blogs, one at geoffcoombeslivingwwithwildlife.blogs... and the other at so I would encourage your readers to have a look at these sites to get a better understanding of these creatures.

Your readers may also be interested to know that Geoff has recently set up an Online Snake Awareness course, where you can learn about snake’s habitats and the ways in which they react to people. A sample of this course can been seen at if your readers would like to look at it.

Geoff truly believes that we can live in harmony with these creatures if we understand the reasons behind why they do what they do. He also believes that we can greatly reduce the chance of being bitten by them simply by knowing how to react if we ever come into contact with them.

I hope your readers find this information of interest.

Kind regards

Dean Allan
MYbookkeeping Services
PO Box 1221
Gawler SA 5118 Australia
Ph. 0404 079 174

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