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Comments made by DebUC

Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread To San Diego

Regarding scheduling and logistics: as SoCalKD noted, Friday evening, October 7, ushers in the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. However, I wonder whether SoCalGal and others involved in planning were aware that thousands of Jews from Congregation Beth Israel will attend Yom Kippur Kol Nidre services Friday evening and continue worship on Saturday at the Civic Center Auditorium -- as we have for at least the past 35 years. I hope you can plan your logistics and protest program to show respect for your fellow San Diegans who will be in the Plaza and Auditorium for solemn, introspective worship.

October 6, 2011 at 12:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Let's Talk: Parking At Balboa Park

The above article oversimplifies the situation: expanding the Organ Pavilion lot with a two-story structure is not about compensating for a mere 67 parking spaces in the Plaza de Panama. Want to visit San Diego Museum of Art or the Reuben H Fleet Science Center on any weekend? Dine at The Prado on summer afternoons? Or add to these, Organ Pavilion recitals, Old Globe matinees, Junior Theater and special events ... plus the families that visit to simply enjoy the park's ambience. Parking is the major problem, as cars keep circling for open spaces, wasting fuel and time. How much better things would be with open space, art and recreation in the heart of the Park, with convenient shuttles to parking and hopefully greater access to public transporation. Dr. Jacobs and Mayor Sanders are right on target, working to finally make Balboa Park what it should be. Of course I would pay to park in Balboa Park ... I already do so in Chicago to visit Millennium Park and New York to visit Central Park (both cheaper via bus or subway and more expensive for auto parking) to cite just two examples.

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Identifying Alzheimer's Early Can Help Slow Advancement of Disease

Very important: whether or not your loved one is receiving treatment and appropriate support (e.g. family, physicians, professional caregivers, dementia/Alzheimers residential centers, day care) it is crucial that YOU seek support as well. My mother's behavior grew increasingly difficult after a stroke, and five years later when she was diagnosed with severe vascular dementia that required that she live apart from my father, our family was thrown into a brand new world that few people want to discuss openly. My husband and I immediately joined support groups where we found compassion, support, help in dealing with even the smallest of concerns, solid information about what is happening and what to expect, and ways of helping our family members and ourselves stay whole and healthy as we help my mother. I highly recommend the (nonprofit) George C Glenner Alzheimer Family Centers (Hillcrest 619-543-4700; also in Encinitas and maybe elsewhere). Margaret Galante (Director of Nursing/Hillcrest Center Manager) is superb.

Another wonderful resource is the UCSD Alzheimers Research Center 858-622-5800 - provides support groups, opportunities to participate in research studies, research updates and more.

June 14, 2010 at 11:27 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

How Should Sups Spend $10 Million Fund?

I think that this is a frivolous discussion. The way Penner posed questions (asking one panelist, "When was the last time YOU went to the opera?") suggests to me that this is more to garner ratings than seriously discuss an issue. She relies on the old saw that in tough economic times, arts & culture are frivolous. Her implicit suggestion that the most money should go to the most popular activities flies in the face of supporting diverse endeavors. If this were true, I'd guess that the beaches and golf courses would get the most funding. (In fact, I've seen Gloria and her husband at numerous cultural events -- but that's not the point, either.)
1. San Diego County is a diverse urban, suburban and rural area. No one person can possibly enjoy each of the offerings within its boundaries. The beauty of this county is its very richness of activities: natural, cultural, historic, sports & entertainment. I think the individual grants by supervisors to non-profits they deem worthy IS a good idea because they a)support a diversity of non-profits, and b)help non-profits in a region lacking sufficient corporate & private philanthropy. (I, for one, have no personal interest in pet care, animal rescue and shelters but think these are beneficial to a diverse community and I am glad they are supported by its constituency -- and I am sure that one of the supervisors supports such entities like the Helen Woodward center - a reasonable use of county funds for the public good.)

2. The "either-or" implicit notion that county funds should support only "county" non-profits is very short-sighted. Attractions within the City of San Diego benefit all county residents -- and attract tourists, as well, to the entire region. The same people who visit The San Diego Botanical Garden, Mission Trails County Park, Borrego Springs flowers or the Chula Vista Nature Center might very well visit the San Diego Zoo, Natural History Museum or Stephen Birch Aquarium.

3. I concur on one point: County funds recommended by one or more supervisors should be acknowledged by the non-profits as simply coming from the County, e.g. " San Diego County Board of Supervisors," adding perhaps, "recommended by Pam Slater-Price and Ron Roberts." (This is common when grants are made by funds through our community foundations.)

FINALLY: In the 34 years I have lived here, I've learned that the San Diego region cannot decide on its identity. Everybody here says this is heaven because of the weather. But there must be more than weather to provide its citizens a meaningful life. We cannot decide if we want to be a World Class region (with its diversity of culture, urban offerings and rural attractions), or a "Santa Barbara South" (a small university town with limited culture surrounded by lovely natural areas). Other regions are moving ahead of us because their leaders actually lead, and citizens understand that these simplistic "weather vs. culture" discussions lead nowhere.

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