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Comments made by DeistBrawler

Rants and Raves: Lisbeth Salander

You seem to take what you want of Salander out of the books while eliminating the other things about her. Was Salander a tough little lady? Yup...she was also a sexual tough little lady.

"She is a sex object in a way that Rapace never allowed herself or the character of Salander to be."
This is true. Rapace didn't really expose the sexy Salander of the books. The Salander that was bisexual, that was into S&M, that had sex when she wanted to have sex with whomever she wanted to have sex with.

"Plus, Salander in the book and Swedish films is a figure of female empowerment...That's why I like the fact that the images of Rapace as Salander often show her with a gun or in a position of power rather than as a sex object or vulnerable looking victim like Mara."

So a gun is her symbol of power? No. Salanders power was her brain. If you wanted to show her power you should have her with a laptop in her hand...not a gun. Vulnerable looking? The character was vulnerable looking. She was constantly cited as looking like a little girl, being tiny, thin. I mean...she eventually gets breast implants so she'll look older.

If anything I would say that the American character, so far, is sticking closer to the actual book character of Salander.

June 9, 2011 at 4:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )