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Comments made by Delatte

Young, Hip Librarians Take Over

I garnered financial sponsorship for my participation in the San Diego conference due to my participation in the American Library Association 2011 Emerging Leaders (EL) program, and I'm surprised by this EL snobbism towards a librarian who is new to the field.
(A quick search will reveal that, yes, Myers does hold the requisite graduate degree.)
Myers' path may not be a traditional route to leadership, but I hope that this snobbery from colleagues does not deter her from continuing to pursue a career in the library field.
Myers has a voice.
Whether or not everyone agrees is not important. Please consider supporting and mentoring the newest librarians among us, just as we hope colleagues will continue do the same for us. At the very least, please do not rub it in Myers' face that you are on a strong path in your career while she is just becoming established.
The unique personalities in libraries make us strong. This March of the Librarians video clip is a fun reminder of that:

January 5, 2012 at 7:46 p.m. ( | suggest removal )