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Comments made by DinaRobinson

Cooking with Kids

Thank you for this excellent program. Time ran out before I could get on the air to tell your guests that we support their goals with our food safety & healthy gourmet cooking blog,, where they will find videos of our playful Kitchen Shrink teaching kids to cook. Quick & easy recipes are also posted, as well as award-winning exposés of toxic foods, tips on economic grocery shopping, & videos of "Seeds at City," the organic urban farm with which S.D. City College faculty & students have replaced their water-guzzling lawns. We also cover gluten-free cooking, the cleaning & storing of produce, ethnic foods & other topics.
It is exciting to see the proliferation of health-conscious foodies dedicated to coaxing children & adults away from toxic junk & introducing them to the alchemy of cooking tasty marvels from fresh & healthy (preferably organic) foods. Sustainable agriculture, buying local produce & otherwise nurturing both the planet & our lives are the key to helping our children "live long & prosper"--to quote Mr. Spock. The good news is that our healthy food community is growing by leaps & bounds.
Dina Eliash Robinson, Editor in Chief,

May 24, 2010 at 11:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )