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Comments made by DocKimble

Latina CEO Leads Girl Scouts Down A New Path

It's a path we've gone down before, and it's not working. The Girl Scouts once was wholesome and family-oriented; now it is unwholesome and oriented toward a globalist agenda. Choosing Chavez based on her race is an obvious choice for those in GSUSA leadership; she is attractive to those non-Anglo girls, who are hoped, by the leadership of GSUSA, to be the next generation of cookie-sellers to provide funds to promote globalist, anti-family agendas, and who will replace the Anglo girls who are leaving GSUSA in droves for family-oriented Scouting organizations.

It is impossible that any group or government will ever have perfect leadership; the best that can be done is to provide perfect ideals to which the group or government aspires. We've seen how Mr Obama has trashed American ideals, how he has trashed our Constitution. Chavez is trashing Girl Scout ideals. It is the worst kind of racism to use someone's race to attract followers to your cause or government for the purposes of destroying the high ideals of that group or government.

June 18, 2012 at 6 a.m. ( | suggest removal )