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Comments made by DrewM

PATI'S MEXICAN TABLE: Middle Eastern Influences

This show and the host Pati are really the most base, amateur that can be imagined. I don't know who decided to spend money on this show,. but is isn't worth a cent.

Just in the first recipe she demonstrates, she commits SEVERAL errors and one can even cause someone eating her food to become ill!

Please notice that after she removes the casing from the chorizo, she WIPES HER HANDS ON A KITCHEN TOWEL. She doesn't wash her hands with soap and water. She handles RAW PORK and just wipes her hands on a towel. Later in the demonstration, she wipes her hands again on that towel and proceeds to cut raw vegetables and adds them to the FINISHED DISH. She has just contaminated her food with raw pork. NO TRAINED CHEF WOULD DO THAT. Please do NOT follow her example.

I strongly suggest that San Diego PBS removes this show from their line up immediately.

June 24, 2011 at 5:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )